My All Time Chiefs Team

I'm a Bills fan, but I'm making all time teams the other NFL teams during the looooong offseason.  Any feedback is welcome.  The Chiefs have a great history with a lot of great players!  My hardest decisions were at CB and K. 

C- Jack Rudnay, Tim Grunhard, E.J. Holub
G- Will Shields, Ed Budde, Brian Waters, Dave Szott
T- Jon Alt, Jim Tyrer, Willie Roaf
TE- Tony Gonzalez, Fred Arbanas
WR- Otis Taylor, Stephone Paige, Carlos Carson, Henry Marshall, Chris Buford
QB- Len Dawson, Trent Green, Bill Kenney
FB- Kimble Anders, Tony Richardson
RB- Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, Christian Okoye, Abner Haynes, Ed Podolak
P- Jerrel Wilson
DT- Buck Buchanan, Dan Saleumua, Curly Culp, Bill Maas
DE- Neil Smith, Art Still, Mike Bell, Jerry Mays
MLB- Willie Lanier, Sherrill Headrick, Dino Hackett
LB- Bobby Bell, Derrick Thomas, E.J. Holub, Jim Lynch
S- Johnny Robinson, Deron Cherry, Gary Barbaro, Lloyd Burruss
CB- Emmitt Thomas, Albert Lewis, Bobby Hunt, Kevin Ross, Dale Carter
K- Nick Lowery
KR- Dante Hall (WR)
Head Coach - Hank Stram

Honorable Mention- (too many good players to limit to 53 man roster! ) Joe Valerio, Eddie Kennison, Joe Montana, Steve DeBerg, Mack Lee Hill, Marcus Allen, Mike Garrett, Joe Delaney, Dustin Colquitt,  Jared Allen, Gary Spani, Donnie Edwards, James Hasty, Gary Green, Jim Marsalis, Mark McMillan, Jan Stenerud, Gary Stills, Mike Maslowski

Chiefs with Bills ties (44): Adam Lingner, Glenn Parker, Remi Prudhomme, Joe Staysniak, Mike Wilson, Billy Masters, Lonnie Johnson, Bill Miller, Todd Collins, Tom Flores, Jack Spikes, Jeff Kinney, Ted McKnight, Mike Pruitt, Bruce King, Tom Keating, Ron Edwards, Bill Acker, Gary Baldinger, Art Still, Dee Hardison, Dean Prater, Chuck Hurston, Marvcus Patton, Scott Radecic, Kawika Mitchell, Wayne Simmons, Greg Favors, Fred Jones, Pat Thomas, Martin Bayless, Bobby Ply, Doug Jones, Durwood Roquemore, Sherman Cocroft, Charley Warner, Lucious Smith, Bucky Brooks, Mike Mercer, Marty Schottenheimer, James Saxon, Mav Levy, Walt Corey, Tom Clements

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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