Chiefs UDFA: DL Dion Gales

From the FanPosts. -Chris

"Nobody scares us," Gales said. "Where I’m from, it ain’t how big or small a man is, it’s the size of the fight in them.

"I’ll be doggone if I let another man beat me, that’s just my attitude. I’m not scared of another man."

That is the kind of attitude that the Kansas City Chiefs need from their new players. Dion was quoted saying that before they played LSU.



After being named 2003 New Orleans Player of the Year in High School, where he recorded 63 tackles and 16 sacks for John F Kennedy, Dion was very highly touted by big schools. He made official visits to Miami, LSU, Michigan State, and Ole Miss where he signed his letter of intent in 2004. But the bad news came on his way to Ole Miss to start school. His coach called him and told him he was not qualified by NCAA. So back to Louisiana he went.

"I did not know what to do. I was pretty much in denial. I was in shock. Man, I was ready to make a name for myself in the SEC. You know, where the whole nation could see me play," added Dion Gales.

To keep from missing any playing time, Dion enrolled in Gulf Coast Community College. Tragedy struck again in Dion's life. It came in the form of a Hurricane. Hurricane Katrina struck Dion's family and friends and just shook everyone up. Luckily for Dion, his family and friends were not hurt.

"When everything came out, nobody was hurt. I said to myself, OK, what if my mother or aunt or anybody for that matter would have gotten killed? It made me look at life a lot differently. I said to myself that I was going to make something out of myself and do something for my folks," said Dion.

In his first season at Gulf, Dion recorded 44 tackles and 6 sacks.

Dion ended up signing with Troy in 2007.

Troy Stats

Senior - 62 tackles 5.5 sacks 15.5 tackles for loss 12 QB hurries
Junior - 30 tackles 3 sacks 8 tackles for loss

Dion Gales by the Numbers

6'4", 274lbs on Official Troy Pro Day. Not the 6'7", 290lbs that some have listed.

Bench Press - 225lbs at 15 reps; Ran 40yrd dash at 4.96 and had a vertical leap of 28".

NFL Comparison - Alex Magee

Alex Magee came out of college playing both DT and DE. Dion Gales played NT but has the size and speed to play both. Alex Magee measured in at 6'3 298lbs compared to Dion at 6'4 274lbs. Alex ran the 40 at 5.09 to Dion's 4.96. Biggest difference, Alex is a 3rd round pick and Dion is an UDFA.

Prediction for Dion Gales - I say Dion could come in and immediately try for our 3/4 DE spot as was recently posted. If Dion could gain some good weight, like 20-30lbs he could go for his natural NT spot. The bad thing is that he is not as big as some sites put him and his 15 reps on the bench is far from impressive. I say Dion could be in our DE rotation at some point in the season.



Sorry I could not find any videos on this guy whatsoever....if you can find any please post them. Thanks.

Any feedback on what you think of Dion Gales would be appreciated.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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