How does Arrowhead Stadium Compare to the Rest of the League?

Naming Rights Team Opened Capacity Owner Cost
Gillette Patriots 2002 68,756 Robert Kraft $325
Land Shark Dolphins 1987 76,500 Stephen Ross $115
Giants Jets/Giants 1976 78,741 City $78
Ralph Wilson Bills 1973 73,967 City $22
Heinz Steelers 2001 65.050 City $281
M&T Bank Ravens 1998 71,008 City $220
Paul Brown Bengals 2000 65,790 City $455
Cleveland Browns Browns 1999 73,200 City $283
LP Titans 1999 68,798 City $290
Lucas Oil Colts 2008 63,000 City $720
Reliant Texans 2002 71,500 City $352
Jacksonville Municipal Jaguars 1995 65,174 City $121
Qualcomm Chargers 1967 71,294 City $27
Invesco Broncos 2001 76,125 City $364
McAfee Raiders 1966 63,026 City $26
Arrowhead Chiefs 1972 79,741 City $43
Lincoln Financial Eagles 2003 68,532 Eagles $512
Dallas Cowboys Cowboys 2009 80,000 City $1.3B
FedEx Redskins 1997 91,704 Daniel Snyder $251
Hubert Humphrey Vikings 1982 64,111 City $68
Soldier Field Bears 1924 61,500 City $10
Lambeau Packers 1957 72,928 City $1
Ford Lions 2002 65,000 City $430
Bank of America Panthers 1996 73,778 Panthers $248
Georgia Falcons 1992 71,228 City $214
Raymond James Bucs 1998 65,857 City $169
Louisiana Saints 1975 72,968 City $134
University of Phoenix Cardinals 2006 63,400 City $455
Candlestick 49ers 1960 70,207 City $15
Qwest Seahawks 2002 67,000 City $430
Edward Jones Rams 1995 66,965 City $280


The opening date is the original date in which the stadium opened, not including renovations.  The cost is the original cost, not including renovations (there's no easy way to track that for all the stadiums).  15 of the 31 stadiums have been built in the last decade.

Arrowhead Stadium

  • 3rd largest capacity (Cowboys, Redskins)
  • 5th oldest (Bears, Packers, 49ers, Raiders)
  • 7th cheapest to build (Packers, Bears, 49ers, Bills, Raiders, Chargers)
  • One of 14 stadiums without a corporate name

Boring day around here.  I posted some pictures of what the New Arrowhead will look like after the jump.  They've been posted before but are definitely worth a second look.





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Horizon Level




Hall of Honor


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