Picture this one weeks before the SUPER BOWL game your in an elevator. Right before it closes a hand reaches for the doors and catches it before it closes. In  walks the DOOON !!! Mr Pioli himself . He turns to you in panic and says are you a Chief fan ? are you a Chief fan ? You say yes yes im on arrowhead pride all day long its my life im practically losing my job and wife over my love for the Chiefs..

He says can you keep a secret for the Chiefs ?? You say of course of course. He tells you I have been cheating again I taped the NFC champions team I know all their secrets I know all there plays. But the cops are after me they want to question me and I have the tapes on me.

I need you to do me a favor. Take these tapes.. He stuffs them in to your pocket and says look at me ... you stare into his eyes ... in a low voice he says ....the Chiefs are in the super bowl if they catch me with these tapes we are doomed they will remove us from the super bowl . The Chiefs need you more than ever .. As you look in his eyes you can see that he is scared you could see that your hopes and dreams of ever seeing a Chief Super Bowl could be down the drain .All the time and effort you put into this team could be slipping away if you dont do what the don says.

He says to you, son we need a distraction.... As he says this the door opens its   the 3rd FLOOR. REMEMBER 3rd FLOOR. As you step into the hall loud music is blaring a party is going on. Its the RAIDERS parting hard guys are drunk, running around naked with lamp shades on their heads ... Pioli says look I was suppose to bring the stripper for the raiders my treat, since AL DAVIS lets us win every year its the least I can do. As long as we bring the strippers he lets us win ...Problem is I seen the police come into our facility on an unexpected visit so I grabbed the tapes and ran out and didnt have time to get the stripper. Long story short im running for my life, now im here in front of you with these tapes....

He then asks are you staying in this hotel . You say yes . Pioli ask with who ? You say.. my wife we are both huge Chief fans and she is pretty drunk right now .. Pioli says ok  look you have two options....If you do either of these two things I WILL GIVE YOU AND YOUR WIFE SUPER BOWL RINGS AND I WILL GIVE YOU SIDELINE TICKETS FOR YOU AND YOUR  WIFE AND YOUR KIDS KIDS KIDS....You turn and say whaaat are the options.?????

1. He says you see that window we are on the 3rd floor if you jump out that window you aint going to die but you will have broken legs... When the cops come up to question what happend. I will say you tried to commit suicide they will forget about seaching me and nfl network will report a man tried to kill himself outside a raider party no big deal happens all the time... you break both arms and legs and are in a wheel chair mandatory 6 years.

Next thing you know Al davis in his walker walks out and says Pioli where is the stripper???? Pioli looks at you and says..your wifes drunk right ??

2. We let the entire raider party drunk and agressive guys with dollar bills by the hand fulls go into your room with your drunk wife and lets just say they have a great time ... But here is the catch pioli then plants the tape in the room and says the raiders were behind the entire scandal trying to set the Chiefs up they all get rape charges and they distract the media with the biggest scandal in NFL history and it becomes the biggest rape case ever.... and Pioli and the Chiefs get away scotch free. except for your wife she payed the price.

What do you do ????And you have to do one or the other its a must the cops are on their way up with like TMZ right behind them.

The Chiefs super bowl is in your hands what do you doooooo???


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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