And with the #33 Pick in the Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft, the Detroit Lions Select...


Connecticut CB Darius Butler

UCrawford with the pick...

One of the good things about having the worst defense in the NFL last season is that when the draft rolls around it's a lot easier to find players to fit needs without having to reach.  And that's definitely a good thing for the Lions this year because the cornerback position is certainly a need.

Last year, uber-flop GM Matt Millen traded away Detroit's promising but underachieving and disgruntled defensive tackle, Shaun Rogers, in order to upgrade the secondary with Cleveland CB Leigh Bodden.  Like so many other Millen moves in Detroit, it was a miserable failure.  Bodden got all of one  interception in a defensive scheme he was reportedly ill-suited to play in although much of that could be attributed to Detroit's weak front seven), the Detroit pass D was the worst in the league, and Bodden was cut by the team in February.  The Lions brought in free agents Phillip Buchanon and Eric King this offseason to fill holes, but neither of them have established themselves as top-notch starters in the NFL, and former Dallas Cowboys CB Anthony Henry (acquired in trade for QB Jon Kitna) looks to be moved to one of the safety positions this year to compensate for declining athleticism and coverage kills.  And while the Lions still have problems on the defensive line especially with the trade of Cory Redding), there aren't too many players available right now that fit what the Lions need who aren't a reach.  With the Lions planning to run a 3-4 base D in 2009 Missouri DT Evander Hood is undersized, #4 rated DT Ron Brace (who fits the 3-4) is a reach, and Tennessee DE Robert Ayers was a one-year starter who posted all of three sacks for the Volunteers in 2008 which positively reeks of bust potential.

So Darius Butler, a CB with good speed and decent size, immediately gets slotted into the Lions' secondary, likely as a starter to try and replace the long-departed Dre’ Bly as the Lions' shutdown corner, which should give the Lions a decent defensive backfield for the 2009 season and a fighting chance at countering other teams' passing games.

Pick Round 2 Selection Date Approval Rating
1(33) Detroit Lions - UCrawford  CB Darius Butler
Weds., April 8th
2(34) New England Patriots (From Kansas City) - connerman   Weds., April 8th
3(35) St. Louis Rams - Lanier63   Thursday, April 9th
4(36) Cleveland Browns - HIV2Elway   Thursday, April 9th
5(37) Seattle Seahawks - mikvogel   Friday, April 10th
6(38) Cincinnati Bengals - mistamic   Friday, April 10th
7(39) Jacksonville Jaguars - DThomasReigns   Monday, April 13th
8(40) Oakland Raiders - mushin   Monday, April 13th
9(41) Green Bay Packers - JasonM   Tuesday, April 14th
10(42) Buffalo Bills - ArrowDread   Tuesday, April 14th
11(43) San Francisco 49ers - Harry Feltersnatch   Weds. April 15th
12(44) Miami Dolphins (From Washington) - shraggyj   Weds. April 15th
13(45) New York Giants (From New Orleans) - ChiefsFan90s   Thursday, April 16th
14(46) Houston Texans - ChiefsDude   Thursday, April 16th
15(47) New England Patriots (From San Diego) - connerman   Friday, April 17th
16(48) Denver Broncos (From Texans) - Keyser Sose   Friday, April 17th
17(49) Chicago Bears - Holmeslice   Monday, April 20th
18(50) Cleveland Browns (From Tampa Bay) - HIV2Elway   Monday, April 20th
19(51) Dallas Cowboys - chiefsfan1384
  Monday, April 20th
20(52) New York Jets - NJChief   Tuesday, April 21st
21(53) Philadelphia Eagles - Chiefsfan717   Tuesday, April 21st
22(54) Minnesota Vikings - kcsno56   Tuesday, April 21st
23(55) Atlanta Falcons - RedNose   Weds. April 22nd
24(56) Miami Dolphins - shraggyj   Weds. April 22nd
25(57) Baltimore Ravens - Ben S   Weds. April 22nd
26(58) New England Patriots - connerman   Thursday, April 23rd
27(59) Carolina Panthers - 808NaNz808   Thursday, April 23rd
28(60) New York Giants - ChiefsFan90s   Thursday, April 23rd
29(61) Indianapolis Colts - craig in calgary   Friday, April 24th
30(62) Tennessee Titans - Lvl.99   Friday, April 24th
31(63) Arizona Cardinals - THE_TRUTH   Friday, April 24th
32(64) Pittsburgh Steelers - McWhirt33   Friday, April 24th

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