Winnin the west

As i watch the draft all 256 picks anxiously awaiting a trade up, this was something we never had to worry about with carl you could come and go and check out who we drafted knowing he couldnt pull off a trade if his life depended on it. There were a couple of things that jumped out to me.

1) we didnt draft a LB(ILB or OLB) with the flexibility of DJ eiether spot could have contributed. Must really see something in Hali at OLB.

2) After drafting jackson in the first with our next pick we take Magee. So whats this mean for dorsey. I know pioli wants depth and versatility, but if we are paying that kind of money to dorsey I dont want to see him subing in and out with a third rounder. These two seem very similar to me

Glenn Dorsey 6-2 297                Alex Magee-6-3 298

Similar body size I dont think that one inch will make alot of diffrence at the end position.I would have rather seen 6-5 jarron gilbert  to play end, I believe going the next pick. I know pioli has a knack for finding talent but didnt really understand this one, depth can be found later in the draft we need starters. The only real diffrence i see in these guys is that one a third rounder and the other was a very highly touted player coming out of college, some had him as the best Defensive player in last years draft.

3)No center drafted. I thought for sure caldwell was coming are way but pioli must believe in Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy

4) Colin Brown pick- I think he can become a good tackle but with jamon meridith still on the board i thought we could have picked him up and he possibly could have started day one. All I know is i dont want to see sackintosh out there.

I believe that we deffinatly had the best draft in the AFC west.

Denver took a running back when 18 of there 53 man roster is already RB

Oakland dosent need any explaing

San Diego descent draft but reached for english at 16

With this being said i think we already are one up of the rest of the division espicially with Cassel vrabel deal and the other free agent signing.

I believe these last few moves will put us in the driver seat to win the divsion

Sign Larry foote-28 years old, experience in the  3-4, knows how to win, hasnt missed a start in the last five years,Has AVG 81 tkls since becoming a starter.seems like he fits pioli mold to a T. LB core would be 200% better than last years.


Sign Levi Jones- Yeh some people say hes a diva and this a that, but would be a giant upgrade from sackintosh, 29 years old, Move him to RT and leave albert where he is. Line would look alot better from last year.

Albert-Waters-Niswanger-Goff(mike not jack)-jones

And last but not least

Anquan Boldin-I think we could try and give them our two first rounders for next year, If they dont like that I say give them the 1st. Hell if we got him it could be pick number 32 anyways(super bowl champs for the slow ones).I know most prolly wouldnt want to trade the first for him but i believe he will contribute alot more than are 1st rounder would. Plus we can address are needs in FA with a deep class of free agents available. I really think him, bowe,LJ,Cottam,and cassel could be scary good together.

Now im not going to get my hopes up like I did the night of free agency and during the draft. because im not sure pioli wants to take those kinds of risk right away in his first year. In new england he could take those risk because NE was stacked, he was pretty much playing with house money. But here the chiefs have too many needs to take those risk in both free agency and the draft.

but I will pray tonight that Don Pioli will read this post while im sleeping tonight and when i wake up All three are signed. and we can return to the top of the AFC WEST

Well i should prolly go do my 6 page paper i have been putting off to write this post.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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