My Top 10 Post-Draft Thoughts

From the FanPosts. -Chris

#1 Even after all of the "research" and projections we all tried, after the countless hours of NFL network and mock drafts... 70% of the picks were still surprises, and most of the players I knew nothing about.  I'm no Mike Mayock (that guy was on the money, though!)

#2 Just because the Chiefs met with or worked out a player, doesn't mean they LIKED that player's workout or interview.  I thought for sure they would have drafted Brinkley among others, but when they passed them over multiple times it was clear that they just didn't fit the plan.

#3 Speaking of "the Plan"... there IS one.  Pioli and Co. HAVE a blueprint as to how to build this team.  I think it's very specific, and probably a GREAT way to build a winning team.... but we, the public do NOT get to see it until it's done.  The draft provided a glimpse, as did free agency.  The next glimpse comes in the UDFA and roster cut signings (which I think will be HUGE).  There may also be a significant trade coming.  Either way, there's a plan in place, and they could care less what we or the media think they should do.

#4 Speaking of FA/Trades... it's clear the Chiefs are NOT done building this roster.  they didn't address several positions that need clear upgrades or depth.  They drafted role players instead of starters in many cases.  I was wondering why?, then I remembered #3 (see above)

#5 The draft and FA additions also point out what Pioli and Haley think of the current roster.  Obviously, the front 7 was project #1.  Special teams was project #2.  Maybe the OL isn't as bad as we thought.  Maybe Dorsey, DJ and Hali DO have the potential that we hoped they would.  Maybe B Rich can step up and start at RT.  Maybe Bradley, Bowe and Engram are a solid enough receiving corps.  Maybe Cottam CAN be the TE of the future.

#6 Here are my thoughts on the roster and depth chart at this point...

The Chiefs have 11 returning starters that they believe are solid.  (Flowers, Page, Pollard, Carr, DJ, Tyler, Bowe, Albert, Waters, Bradley, LJ)

They have drafted or acquired 6 new starters (Vrabel, Cassel, Thomas, Goff, Engram, Jackson)

That leaves 5 positions on Offense/Defense that are somewhat up for grabs.

  • OLB/DE (predator) between Hali and Robertson, maybe a couple other guys.
  • RT between Taylor, Richardson, Brown
  • TE Probably Cottam, but Curtis, O'Connell could provide competition
  • C Probably Niswanger, but competition may (and should) be brought in.
  • DL Dorsey and Magee will probably rotate, Jackson will likely beat out McBride

Special teams should be greatly improved, and there is open competition for 3 of the most important roles: K, PR, KR

#7 Waters will not be traded.  LJ could still go.  I'm not losing any sleep over either one... though losing Waters without a solid replacement could be scary.  Dorsey will not be traded.

#8 This team IS better today than it was on Friday.  It was better Friday than it was in January.  It will be better in September than it is today.  The front 7 is now very solid, by any measure (except maybe depth at LB)  The secondary is solid and young (again, depth could be an issue) The skill positions on offense have potential to be very good... with a couple of key additions yet to come.  OL... well, we'll see... but should be good, I think.

#9 The Chiefs have young guys and solid contributors at lots of positions, with not a ton of flashy "big name" guys.  I think this is the way Pioli likes it... but I wouldn't be surprised to see the following big upgrades.... WR, LB, C (if they can find one)

#10 ESPN and NFL network had way too many commercial breaks with WAY too few different commercials to choose from.  If I never see another "NFL Play 60" ad or Progressive insurance commercial, it will be too soon.

Thanks for reading, and commenting!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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