(Heavy Sigh) In Pioli I Trust

Okay, I know everybody and their mother will have post draft thoughts but I have to get some of this out.  So if you're sick and tired of draft talk and debate stop reading now and go on to anther post.  First and foremost I would like to say:




I really think the reason that I (along with countless other diehards) are sweating some of the lesser known picks is because we've been here before.  How many times did we sit there in the 2-5 rounds with highly rated big names sitting on the board only to hear names like Eddie Freeman and Kris Wilson get called.  Then we would sit back and watch as these guys went down in flames and the guys we passed on went on to good NFL careers.  So if you don't want to spend the next 3-4 months stressing about if these guys we picked are good enough, just repeat after me:


"Pioli is smarter then Peterson, and more importantly, he is smarter then me."


I have spent the last 3 months reading up on and searching out game footage of every prospect I could find for two reasons.  To find guys I thought would make the chiefs better and so that when the chiefs drafted I would know all about the guys they took.  I like to think that makes me a draft "expert".  So when I had to go online to read up on our third round pick when there were 30 players still on the board who I could of gave you a detailed scouting report on from memory I knew it was going to be a long day.  The following is a blow by blow of how my fath in Pioli was tested today.


Round 3 - Magee - I knew the guy was a good DT / 3-4 end prospect and I thought he might be on their list for the mid rounds if they didn't take Jackson in the first, but was caught off guard by taking him at the top of the 3rd, especially after taking Jackson.  I still think he will be a really good player and have concluded that the staff must not think anyone on our pre draft roster could play strongside DE in our new D.  As the round went on Caldwell was the only guy I was really wanting the chiefs to get that came off the board.  I have high hopes for round 4.


Round 4 - Washington - first reaction = WHAT THE F^#K!!!!!  Then I talk myself down.  He's one of the most physically talented corners in the draft, I tell myself.  Flowers and Carr were drafted to play the cover 2, they want a true man corner to back them up in case they struggle, I say.  I'm doing okay until Sidbury comes off the board.  10 SACKS LAST YEAR AND A PASS RUSHER IS NOT MORE IMPORTANT THEN CB DEPTH!!!!!  I have a beer, say "in pioli I trust" 10 times and hope that the next round brings peace (or at least OL help or a pass rusher).


Round 5 - Brown - Okay, it is OL help.  He has great size but I'm thinking he might have been there next round unlike my favorite mid round LB prospect Jasper Brinkley who goes to the Vikings.  I'm also thinking the Meredith was still on the board and that he is higher rated as a pass blocker, which would be good in our spread offense.  If Brinkley hadn't been available I probably would of liked this one more.


Round 6 - Lawrence - Okay, I knew some WR depth had to be coming.  I don't know a lot about this guy, but Haley has a good track record with WR so I'll trust this one.


Round 7 - Williams - This one broke my heart, I won't lie.  Not because I hate Williams, but I've posted on here before about how much I like Rashad Jennings of Liberty who some had going as high as rounds 2 or 3.  He's 3 inches taller, 10 pounds heavier, had a better 40 time, and is also known to have good receiving and blocking skills.  I tell myself that there's a reason Jennings fell this far.  GMs must see a major flaw I don't.  Trust Pioli, he's smarter then you.  Then my inner turmoil is interrupted by news that we've moved up to get somebody.  SWEET, must be somebody we really like and are sure won't be there for the last pick.  Wait, its a TE that wasn't on most peoples boards at all?  Wouldn't he have been there for our last pick?  Then it hits me, Pioli has his eye on one of the many QBs still on the board for that last pick.  He found Brady, he found Cassel, now he's going to pick our "diamond in the rough" QB.  How perfect, our late round jewel QB will actually be Mr. Irrelevant.  That will make it all the more classic.  Who will it be?  Harrell, he runs the spread which we figure to use a lot.  Cantwell, big body and arm, might just need some coaching.  Daniels, Hoyer, Reilly, Tuitama, come on the suspense is killing me.......................A KICKER!!!!!!!!  SON OF A B!^CH!!!!!!


So I had another beer and talked myself down.  I told myself that Pioli is not Peterson.  I told myself that I thought our draft last year was the greatest in the history of the world and then we went 2-14.  I told myself that just because I own 4 different draft magazines and read crap online all the time doesn't mean I know a damn thing about who will make the best chief.  I trust that Pioli and Haley know what they are doing and the fact that they picked players that both myself and the so called "experts" wouldn't of picked is okay.  That's why they are running the team and I am typing on a blog.  I'm willing to give these guys a shot.  I think some of them will turn out to be some very fine players.  It just sucks coming out of the draft knowing that the only two possible outcomes are 1. We had a good draft and despite hundreds of hours of draft prep I wasn't smart enough to recognize the right players, or 2. We didn't have a very good draft.  I sure hope it is #1.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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