Did The Chiefs Get Better?

Did the Chiefs get better today?   Obviously they now have the rights to 8 more guys but are these 8 better than the players they are replacing from the 2008 roster assuming they even make the 53 roster?

Tyson Jackson would arguably be the the replacement for Jason Babin.  Have to say that is a gain.

Alex Magee will likely take the roster spot of Alphonso Boone.  That is likely a gain as well.

Donald Washington fills the roster spot of Patrick Surtain.  Loss in leadership, major gain in speed.  I will argue that is a gain.

Colin Brown... first question is will he even make the roster.  We already have a massive project drafted last year in the RT hole in hopes of being the replacement to MacIntosh.  Is this guy better than Richardson?  Coming from the Mizzou offense his strength is pass blocking.  In the NFL the RT needs to be a stud run blocker.  OK he has potential but that and a buck still won't get you a coffee at Starbuck's.  I'm not seeing this as a gain.

Lawrence fast might be a returner kind of raw coming off an injury.  Well we just cut the fast raw guy from last years draft (Frankin) and the proven returner coming off an injury (Robinson).  Not seeing this as a step up except that he takes up one less spot on the roster than the two wasted picks last year.  Not a gain.

Williams - lot of carries, how much tread left on his tires?  Probably takes Savage/Battle spot on the roster because he may be good on special teams.  Does he take Kolby Smith's spot ... i am not betting on it.   He may make the team but I am not seeing him as an improvement.

O'Connell, not even going to pretend to say he takes TG spot as that is totally unfair to the kid. Does he take Cox's spot is a better question? How good is his blocking?  If he is good he might be the new FB if not he struggles to unseat Ryan or Curtis.  Is this a net gain?  if so not by much.  The bigger question the acquisition brings up is whether Pioli can pull off a deal with anyone that he does not have a pre-existing relationship with.   NE - The Hoody, MIA - father-in-law, ATL - former NE buddy Dimitroff. 

Mr Irrelevant - is he better than Barth?  I actually think not.  Mr Irrelevant will be just that and not make the roster.

To be fair, I guess I should include the second round pick (Cassel) providing replacement for Huard.   Big step in the right direction.

Overall - the Chiefs got a little better via the top half of today's draft.  the bottom half of the draft was a crap shoot.  In retrospect the only help from the bottom of last year's draft came from Carr so if we hit on one of the guys from the bottom of this year's crop we might view this year as a successful draft too.




This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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