Morning Update (Moving On Edition)


Donnie Edwards and Tony Gonzalez...end of an era (via

Follow us on Twitter...there are prizes at stake....

Tony Gonzalez Trade

  • Arrowhead Addict: "From the start, the California Kid stuck out like a sore thumb in Kansas City. Tony G wasn’t like Larry Johnson, disliked from the start, or Jared Allen, beloved from the start. He was somewhere in between."
  • Bob Gretz: "What comes with change is pain. This one wasn’t easy for anybody to choke down, even Gonzalez who wanted desperately to have a chance to be part of a winning team again. Bittersweet is the word most often used."
  • "Honestly I understand this move, the Chiefs got a second round pick for a player that only has a few years left… but why do I still feel TICKED?"
  • WPI: Gonzalez Traded to the Falcons - More Brewing?
  • "Wait a minute… for the next three or four years??  It’s one thing if he only wanted to play two more years and really wanted to win a Super Bowl before he retired.  But I don’t think it’s unrealistic to think the Chiefs could be a Super Bowl contender within three to four years."
  • Joe Posnanski: "The thing that struck me about Tony Gonzalez is that every time I saw him catch a pass — every single time, no matter if it was during practice, on the sideline during a game, or just goofing around afterward — he always tucked the ball away."

Kansas City Chiefs News

  • Sorry. Dwayne Bowe did not drop almost as many passes as he caught. I understand the point this person was trying to make but 13 is nowhere near 86.
  • Two former Chiefs realize their football dreams again -- in the CFL.

Draft News

  • NT Sen'Derrick Marks doesn't care that his stock seems to be falling.
  • Matty from the Phinsider gives us one of his mock drafts over at Mocking the Draft.
  • National Football Post: "In KC, the talk is all about LSU DE Tyson Jackson, but he’s not the type of player that should come off the board at No. 3. He’s a top 10 talent, but not top five talent. It’s going to be hard to move these picks."
  • VIDEO: Tamba Hali talks about Penn St. DE Aaron Maybin.

Throughout the day, check the FanShot section for more links.


We are one day away from the NFL Draft Chiefs fans. I'm so excited I'm about to call in to work to tell them I won't be in. Well, not that excited but you know what I'm saying.

Today, we'll finish up the final four picks of the Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft. I've gotten all but the final pick in for the Steelers so we should be ready to pump these out.

We've got a slight bug in our Friday blogging plans. I'm headed to Lafayette, LA, this afternoon and will be in the car for at least 6 hours (Yes, I realize how terrible this decision to go to Miss Arrowhead Pride's cousin's wedding. Yes, it's that far removed from me. I can't believe I agreed to this without thinking about the Draft.)

But...Primetime will be around today and this afternoon and I will be back later tonight. Tomorrow morning, we're starting bright and early around here.

It's the Draft baby! Get excited!

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