2009 Pre-Draft Predictions

1) Glen Dorsey will be traded at some point Saturday
Not a new idea, many have talked about it, but I think it is very likely.  Dorsey was the hotest defensive player in the country last year and despite some saying he had a dud for a rookie year (though that has been debunked), I don't think real NFL coaches see it that way.  He is still a player every 4-3 defense wants.
Quite simply, he will be traded because he just doesn't fit in the Chiefs new 3-4 defense.  He's a 4-3 three technique all the way and has the potential to be the best player at that position since Warren Sapp.  But he's not near bulky enough to play Nose Tackle in the 3-4, and is TOO big and too short to play DE.
No idea of the compensation we will receive, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Detroit Lions with 4-3 guru Jim Schwartz has former Chiefs D.C. Gunther Cunningham whispering in his ear.  That could end up being the Lions 2nd 1st round pick (#20) plus either their 2nd or 3rd rounder.
Yes, he has a big contract, but in case you weren't paying attention, the Chiefs have a ton of cap space they aren't using in which they could absorb the cap hit.

2) The Chiefs will trade their #3 pick to the Browns who will pick Mark Sanchez
I know trades in the top 5 almost never happen anymore, but I think we will see it this year and the Chiefs are in a good spot to take advantage.  It won't cost the Browns, who are at #5, a fortune to move up to #3 to get ahead of the Seahawks who are rumored to be interested in taking Sanchez at #4 and they are likely to trade Braylon Edwards and Brady Quinn sometime Saturday that will give them more picks to maneuver with. 

3) Brady Quinn will be traded to the Broncos
Quinn played in the same type of offense at Notre Dame that Josh McDaniels runs.  The Broncos also have plenty of picks to spread out after the Jay Cutler fiasco trade.

4) The Chiefs WILL be making a pick in the 2nd round THIS year
Simply too much talent in the 2nd round of this years draft for Pioli to not get into it.  Whether it happens by means of trading a player or trading later picks to move up, the Chiefs will be picking in the 2nd round.

5) Tamba Hali will be traded at some point Saturday
I still think Tamba is a good player, but like Dorsey, he simply doesn't belong in the 3-4.  Despite having a poor season last year, he is still highly thought of by coaches in the NFL.  I'd be surprised if we got more than a 3rd round pick for him.

6) Larry Johnson and Brian Waters will be Chiefs in 2009
I think the whole Brian Waters thing was totally overblown and don't believe there was ever any thought in Piolis mind that he would trade him.  As you can see from how things went down with Tony G, Pioli doesn't really care what the player wants, its about what is best for the team.
That is also why LJ will still be here.  It's not that he is irreplacable.  He's not.  Running backs are a dime a dozen.  But the Chiefs aren't going to get any value for him in a trade.  Nobody is going to trade a decent pick for a whiney RB.  Haley will run him and run him hard and I think he will have a bit of a revival with Mike Goff taking over at Right Guard.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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