Step away from the ledge people.

Okay so TG was traded as you all are aware of for a 2nd round draft pick next year. personally i think this is probably about as good as we were going to get. they say the value when trading is anywhere from 20% to an entire round down for a next year pick. so that 2nd would roughbly be a 3rd this year. a few reasons why this is a good thing for everyone involved.

1. Yes it is a pick next year and people are thinking we need help now. Yes we do need help this year. ALOT of help this year and a 3rd rounder this year......not going to provide that help. we are ALOT farther away from being a competative team then a 3rd or even 2nd round pick this year.

2.I know everyone wants to say we can compete in the division this year but it just isnt going to happen. not with the schedule we have. not with SD getting a healthy merriman back. just not realistic. 2nd in the division sure but not winning it and not getting a wildcard. this does give us ammo for next year and thats a good thing.

3.This actually is a good way of maximizing the value for TG. HOF TE at the age of 33??? HOF TE is great, age of 33 is all. especially when there is so much value with a 2nd round pick. these players might have issues that prevent them from being 1st rounders but they come much cheaper and there is ALOT of talent in the second draft. Pioli was brought here because hew is supposed to be good at evaluating that talent.

4. i hate to say this but really what good was TG going to do for us? Haley/NE offense does not feature the TE. yeah, he would/will have a tremendous season because he is that good but you dont win SBs with TEs. Just not a huge impact position compared to many many others. i mean we won 2 games this year with him.............

5 This is not going to be packaged for more picks this year. sorry to tell you this but i seriously doubt we are going to turn around and get what some 5-6th round picks this year for a 2nd next year??? package it to move up??? how pissed would you all be if we traded TG so we could move up 15-20 positions into the second??. 

6. your all high on crack anyway:) j/k obviously....some of you are switching over to heroin to stop feeling. haha  

all told you have to have some faith. yes other then DT TG is probably my favorite all time chief and he will deffinately go into the HOF as a Chief and be a part of the Ring at the stadium. this is what he wanted. and getting the pick for next year maxamized his value. i know its not what everyone wanted because we all had pie in the sky expectations for the new regime but lets not forget how bad we really were. Everyone wnted herms head on a platter. we won 2 games. yeah we were "competative" but come on now. this is not going to turn around overnight. i seriously doubt we are going to be the dolphins of this year especially with the starting schedule we have. we are BUILDING an Empire and as the saying goes. it wont be built in one day(saturday)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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