Trade Tony

I never thought i would be able to say this but i think the best solution with tony is to trade him. He has said if a deal can get worked out he would like to leave for a super bowl  contender, and i think we should grant him his wish. Like Teicher pointed out in his vlog today, if tony wanted to be here he would want to get out there and practice with cassel for the first time. I know its not making him better or worse if he attended the mini camp but you think he would want to get a feel for the new QB.

I think we should take the Falcons up on the offer of at least a second and hopefully a 5th.

I also think waters wants out and we should grant him this as well. Best case scenario is we trade the third overall and waters to Buffalo for thier 11,28, and 42. This would fill the holes of Jason Peters and Dockery on thier O line, with the third they could take monroe,which i believe is just as good as Peters and waters is an upgrade from dockery

I also think we should try to trade down just like everybody does, but the best case scenario we would trade waters and tony

After these trades i think we should draft like this

Rd 1-DE-Tyson Jackson

Rd 1-Rt Eben britton

Rd 2 -OLB-Clint sintim

Rd 2 -LG-Duke Robinson

Rd 3-TE-chase coffman

Rd 4-C-Antoine Caldwell or A.Q shipley

Rd 5-NT-samie lee hill

Then the BPA for the rest of the picks

Although I dont think were going to be able to trade out of the third spot, we will see just how good of a draft day trader pioli really is.

With these picks Jackson would fill are hole of a 3-4 DE. Eben Britton would solidify the other tackle and Albert could stay at LT where he thrived this year. Clint sintim would be a good outside linebacker he led all OLB last year  with 11 sacks, this would soldify the LB corps with vrabel-DJ-Thomas-Sintim. Duke robinson is the best Guard in this years draft and would fill waters hole, and would bring youth to the line. With the abscence of Tony I think Coffman and Cottam could become a good duo. I think center has to be addressed Niswanger got dominated last year and ithink Caldwell would add another young body to are starting line. Smaie lee hill is protypical size for a NT in the 34 and I think hime and tank could battle for the starting spot.

I think these move would address all of our holes and still bring alot of youth to the team. Althought its far fetched what do u guys think of these trades.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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