And with the #57 Pick in the Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft, the Baltimore Ravens Select...


                    Ohio St. WR Brian Robiskie

Ben S with the pick...

There are a few places the Ravens could go with this pick, including offensive line, but I think it is about time the Ravens gave the quarterback a weapon to throw to. For the past few weeks there have been rumblings of the Ravens trying to trade for receiver Anquan Boldin, however I highly doubt that it will happen mostly due to financial reasons. Haloti Ngata is in the final year of his contract and the team was forced to franchise Terrell Suggs in the off season so the front office would probably have a hard time paying Boldin the type of money he is likely demanding.

Because of the Ravens inability to trade for Boldin, I think that this is a great pick in the second round not only because of Robiskies value at this point in the draft but the Ravens need for a receiver as well. Robiskie is a possession receiver with lots of height and fairly decent size, and reminds me a little bit of our own Dwayne Bowe. Robiskie will provide a nice option for Flacco to go to, and has a great set of hands that will provide useful with a quarterback entering only his second season. Although not exactly a number 1 receiver, Brian will be a playmaker for the Ravens for years down the road, and will more than likely find the highlight real a few times in his career.

Now that being said, I must admit that I was very tempted to draft myself with this pick as another cornerback, however I filled that need in the first so I do believe it wouldn't go over too well if they drafted two corners in round 1 and 2, so I decided I should leave me and my very mediocre 40 time in the draft pool.

Round 1 is here.

Previous pick: CB Jairus Byrd

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On the clock for tomorrow: New England Patriots (connerman), Carolina Panthers (808NaNz808) and New York Giants (ChiefsFan90s)

Click over for the schedule and current draft results.

Pick Round 2 Selection Date Approval Rating
1(33) Detroit Lions - UCrawford  CB Darius Butler Weds., April 8th 48%
2(34) New England Patriots (From Kansas City) - connerman  DE Robert Ayers Weds., April 8th 67%
3(35) St. Louis Rams - Lanier63  DT Evander Hood Thursday, April 9th 55%
4(36) Cleveland Browns - HIV2Elway  DE Connor Barwin Thursday, April 9th 68%
5(37) Seattle Seahawks - mikvogel  OT William Beatty Friday, April 10th 67%
6(38) Cincinnati Bengals - mistamic  C Max Unger Friday, April 10th 68%
7(39) Jacksonville Jaguars - DThomasReigns  G Duke Robinson Monday, April 13th 72%
8(40) Oakland Raiders - mushin T Phil Loadholt Monday, April 13th 68%
9(41) Green Bay Packers - JasonM  DT Ron Brace Tuesday, April 14th 62%
10(42) Buffalo Bills - ArrowDread DE Michael Johnson Tuesday, April 14th 60%
11(43) San Francisco 49ers - Harry Feltersnatch DE/LB Larry English Weds. April 15th 67%
12(44) Miami Dolphins (From Washington) - shraggyj  WR Kenny Britt Weds. April 15th 69%
13(45) New York Giants (From New Orleans) - ChiefsFan90s  LB Clint Sintim Thursday, April 16th 64%
14(46) Houston Texans - ChiefsDude FS Louis Delmas Thursday, April 16th 37%
15(47) New England Patriots (From San Diego) - connerman DE/OLB Paul Kruger Friday, April 17th 64%
16(48) Denver Broncos (From Texans) - Keyser Sose  RB Donald Brown Friday, April 17th 41%
17(49) Chicago Bears - Holmeslice C Jonathan Luigs Monday, April 20th
18(50) Cleveland Browns (From Tampa Bay) - HIV2Elway  RB Shonn Green Monday, April 20th
19(51) Dallas Cowboys - chiefsfan1384
SS William Moore
Monday, April 20th
20(52) New York Jets - PSUkegreen WR Mohamed Massaquoi Tuesday, April 21st
21(53) Philadelphia Eagles - Chiefsfan717  RB LeSean McCoy Tuesday, April 21st
22(54) Minnesota Vikings - kcsno56  C Eric Wood Tuesday, April 21st
23(55) Atlanta Falcons - RedNose CB Victor Harris Weds. April 22nd
24(56) Miami Dolphins - shraggyj  CB Jarius Byrd
Weds. April 22nd
25(57) Baltimore Ravens - Ben S  WR Brian Robiskie
Weds. April 22nd
26(58) New England Patriots - connerman   Thursday, April 23rd
27(59) Carolina Panthers - 808NaNz808   Thursday, April 23rd
28(60) New York Giants - ChiefsFan90s   Thursday, April 23rd
29(61) Indianapolis Colts - saskwatch   Friday, April 24th
30(62) Tennessee Titans - Lvl.99   Friday, April 24th
31(63) Arizona Cardinals - THE_TRUTH   Friday, April 24th
32(64) Pittsburgh Steelers - McWhirt33   Friday, April 24th


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