Dr. Pioli, My Thesis on Chiefs Draft 2009 - rough draft 1

This is a long response. So many may want to pass on it. Warning typed, here we go….
I've sort of repeated a little with my 2nd posting in this world, but what the hey, there is only one NFL draft per year.  And the Chiefs now have their, what, 4th GM since they became the Chiefs in 1960?  I am not sure, but they have not had many.  Peterson came here in 1988/89, so he right at 19/20 years of 49 years, depending on what month Peterson actually started.

LARGE DOSES of Caffeine may be needed to read this in it's entirety.  Please check with your doctor first before attempting to read such lengthy, garbled material and/or taking large does of caffeine.  Reading for a minute at a time is suggested. 

If a slow reader, it may be after the draft before you finish.  No, I did not use spell check.  Darn it!

Good luck!

I'd like to see a top OL first, followed by....dang, this is where is very tricky, you just do not know what draft # Pioli might be able to land and it also depends on what players he trades to get them.  I should have taken that class to read tea leafs and understand what that crystal ball keeps saying to me....

Just too many "ifs" until KC can get more trades. If they do not get anything, it stays as it is, the player simply has to be able to start at #3. I think you have to pick Curry, even though I do not like it entirely.  I'd rather take Curry later, but, if he is the best at that point, I think you have to.

Everett Brown or Raji comes to mind instead of Curry, but Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe just are win wins as well. I just see no wrong picks with any of thes 5 players.

I still have a hard time seeing Stafford going #1. He just seems like a #5  to a #7 to me.

I will not be surprise to see the Rams take Stafford if he is there at #2 and you have to wonder if KC will take him at #3 just to have leverage for next year with Cassel.

I tend to like the underdogs and Cassel sort of fits this, though a pampered underdog for a long, long time. He does not wow me like many it appears. But he might. The one year contract and losing the 2nd round pick still bothers me.  And, if you love Cassel, Sanchez has basically the same kind of history as Cassel and he could train in the wings just as Cassel did. The media will love that one.

Vrabel is fine with me, even if he is only here a year or 2. A few of the other picks are okay for short term and the cost is low, considering. Some other picks, wow, we have a great practice squad. Enough said there as I’ll go on and on about it. And if you read on, this is not a problem for me anyway. Some will get cut in pre-season, I am somewhat sure of that.

Keep in mind, basically this is all based on KC making a huge trade with maybe 2 to 6 players to get at least a couple picks in the 1st round, maybe about 8 and 18, a couple early 2nd rounders, and at least anouther early 3rd round pick, or better. Odds of this happening are slim. But, we have the GREAT PIOLI to work his magic! Right? 

If LJ goes, the 2 RBs we have that are worth keeping are still going to need a line to run behind and the QB will still run for his life a little until any new OLs get some time starting. I will not be surprised if they throw Thigpin out there for about 4 games to avoid getting Cassel crushed.  If they keep Thigpin or Croyle for all that matters.. 

At this point, I think you almost still have to go after yet another top OL.  At least 3 will be gone before KC gets a #8 if they should get that high of a pick after coughing up a #3.  Which brings back that need for as high as a #5, etc. 

That's okay, there are still a few OL left to get. If they are gone you might as well go RB, WR, or LB, depending on what top players are still there.  I think you just have to take the best of any of them at this point, even if it's a QB. 

I hope Pioli shows he is true KC Chiefs when he gets 3 later, 1st round picks starting at #5 to #8 and still gets a couple 2nd roudn picks and 3rd round picks.  Yes, wishful thinking, but it could happen. 

Will KC swap with Detroit?  Might happen.  Do they need another RB, OG, TE, Cassel, and Dorsey?  Pioli looked so giddy in one pic I saw of the other day that it made me wonder if he might fool all by making a huge trade with Detroit for all of their top picks.  Yes, it's crazy talk, he just looked crazy  in that pic.  Heck, send Bowe as well, with all those picks, maybe we can get Macklin and Crabtree!

  • I'd like a top DL or DE that is a bone crusher, but I think the best ones will be gone by the 8th pick and later.  No worry, there is the 2nd and 3rd rounders that are pretty good for the money. 
  • Also depends on if Dorsey gets traded to be able to spread some money around and gang picks.
  • The OLs that will be there in the 2nd and up to 4th round are not the best, but some are huge and just need a little work. I am thinking HUGE OL and OC with depth in those positions to wear any team down.

Pick up one of the considered, top 6 of WRs out there. If not, might as well spend the pick on a HUGE, OL or OC with quick feet. Same goes with the LBs. There are maybe 7 good ones considered at the top. I think a couple of them are LB/DE material? But, of these LBs and WRs, maybe 3 WR can start sometime in their first season as a pro. The others, maybe late in the season. The LBs, maybe 2 can start right off, the others will need some time. Not that I am an expert, just a lot of watching like most here.

As to SS, FS, and CB, I’d like to see them take a top pick if they are there, but there really are only 6 worth going after. Otherwise, you have a whole lot of what they have. Sure, there is always a pleasant surprise out there like Flowers. They just need some depth and a star in that area.

  • Repeating, KC needs a dominate DT/DC. If we manage to get another good LB or 2, then KC might be able to get by one more season before having to take care of the DE. I say this because the best DE will be gone early in the draft, so take the best LB, DT, or DC that fits a 3-4 scheme.  There not many, so you have to go after them. Once again, maybe Hood, if available in the 2nd round, he seems an okay fit for the 3-4 and will cost a lot less than Dorsey and do as good and probably better. There may be a few others that fit a 3-4, but very few I'd suspect. This is where you just have to build depth at OL and OC if the stars are gone. 
  • I’d like to see depth on the OL and OC first. LB and the secondary are 2nd on my list because I think the DE worth the pick will be gone.
  • This leaves maybe one of the top WRs or RBs.  If they are gone....
  • A very good FB and/or TE are next. 
  • But what about a QB if a good one is there?

Depending on what happens with LJ, Cassel, Gonzalez, and Waters will decide other picks. Oh, and add Croyle to this list. Thigpin may even be traded. He does have value, especially for a team like the Titans. About 8 others that if not traded will probably end up being cut at some point unless they do really good in pre-season. I see many more moves to be made.

Back to some of the sign ons for one year contracts. I doubt Goff will be here more than 2 years.

Vrabel, maybe 2 years. Cassel, I still wonder if he will head to Denver next year or some other team. There is nothing to hold him here after one year. With that said and if he really wants to be elsewhere, why not trade him for many picks now to build the OL and LB areas? At this time, I’ve just heard about some love for Denver in blogs and some radio shows. Not that I want to help Denver, but it could work out great for both given all of the picks Denver now has.  Those picks may kill KC in a year or 2. 

I am not sure how many one to two year contracts are on the team, but I think it is more than a few. I’d almost like to see KC trade Cassel to Detroit for many top picks this year and next. Then they can bargain with him next year and KC will have the picks. Otherwise, yes I hope he does well, if he stays or knows what zip code he is in after 4 games. Franklin could have been worth a 4th round pick, maybe, if they did not just drop him. Oh well, that is done with.

Gonzalez, LJ, Dorsey, and Waters could also bring many needed picks from about #5 up to about #70. No real need from those top 4 picks, but we sure need many after that. With only the #3 and then #67, then #99, it looks grim.

  • A Dorsey trade, can get some picks this year and maybe even next year. Then there is the money saved will probably buy 2 or 3 other players late in the 1st round and in the 2nd round. I just do not see Dorsey in a 3-4, not for the money they are paying him.
  • LJ, Waters, and Gonzalez should get more picks this year and maybe next as well. This is very valuable, VERY! If it happens, KC will be in a SUPER BOWL in 2 to 3 years and clean house followed by another, back to back SUPER BOWLS! Okay, a good shot at it anyway.

If Cassel goes now or later, we need a QB just in case of many outcomes KC fans are use to. I’d like to see them go after Nate Davis, Rhett Bomar, or even Sanchez if KC can get him late in the first round.

  • If you like Cassel, then Sanchez most be a close cousin of his. There are 2 from the Big 12 available that can help and may be fine, even as #3s. Either have to be better than Croyle.
  • Yes, my list does include Chase Daniels to some disgust by some. But, he is last on my list and I really do not think he should not be picked up sooner than the 5th round. Freeman, if there in the early 3rd, I think you have to go after him. Just doubt he will be there past the mid of the 2nd round.

I like the idea of picking up a few Big 12 players, it’s just good PR and marketing for the local fans to see a few faces from the area, colleges/Big12, even if they are on the bench as a #3 QB. There are a few OLs that are huge that can be had. There are 2 TEs that will do KC well. There is also those WRs for which all know well – Crabtree and Macklin. The D for the Big 12 was not strong this year, but there are a few worth getting. Hood, if available before the 3rd round, I think he’d be very good for this 3-4 D. If they get him great. If not, he’ll be good for someone else.

I doubt KC will get Crabtree or Macklin, unless they make a huge deal with Detroit or Denver.  Maybe there is another, it's not there yet unless another team makes a deal creating more top pick for them to trade.  For now, Detroit and Denver are the only ones to make the trades with, for better or for worse.

 I’d like to see KC get Kenny Britt, Nicks, Harvin, or Hayward-Bey, in that order. Any of these will help KC a great deal. Sure, Crabtree or Macklin without a doubt, just do not see it happening. None of this will happen if they do not get the trade picks. It’s really that simple. 2 picks in the top 100 is just not good. NE has 6 in the top 3 rounds and 4 are in the the 2nd round.

If LJ goes, well, we only have maybe 2 RBs worth keeping, which I've already said a couple times.

The FB, hmm, he is okay, just not as good as he needs to be. If the OL and OC get more depth, the FB they have may be fine. Otherwise, they need a bulldozer and some speed that can catch the ball. Suggestions for RB duel:

  • McCoy, Moreno, and/or Brown matched with the likes of:
  •  Wells, Greene, Coffee, Jennings, or Ringer and you’ve got a duel.
  • All of thes guys will go  no later than middle of the 3rd. Once again, you have to have the picks.

Someone mentioned Conner Barwin, yes, I agree, another good one to get before round 3, otherwise he will be gone I suspect. I also like:

  • Clint Sintim, Larry English, and the USC duel.
  • If Curry is lost, all is not lost.

If KC even gets 2 late, 1st round picks for the #3, there will be plenty to get. I really hope for a couple 1st and a couple 2nd rounders. Otherwise, that #3 has to be Super Man. But I am hoping for more, much more. 

You made it!!!!

The END!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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