And with the #39 Pick in the Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars Select...


                              Oklahoma G Duke Robinson

DThomasReigns with the pick...

The Jaguars' offensive line was depleted last season and was a major factor in their extremely disappointing 2009 campaign.  While they lost LT Khalif Barnes in free agency, they added LT Tra Thomas as a short-term gap filler.

The Jags panicked with the early run on WRs in the first round and reached for Percy Harvin.  In doing so, they lost the opportunity to take a long-term solution at LT.  This time they address the need on the line and take the clear cut #1 OG in the draft:  Duke Robinson of Oklahoma.

Many of you are more than familiar with Robinson's ability from watching him in Big 12 play on Saturdays.  For those who are not, here is an excerpt from that is representative of most of the scouting reports on him.

"Robinson is a beast at guard. He has all the tools and the mentality to be a pro bowler for many years in the league. He has very good size and the strength to dominate defenders at the point of attack. He will drive his man off the ball and clear out consistent running lanes. Robinson is not just a mauler though, as he has impressive agility for a guard. He quickly gets into his stance and easily adjusts to his mans moves, and keeps them in front of him. He also has the mobility to get out and pick up blockers on the move. Robinson is mean on the field and is always trying to find someone to hit or block until the whistle blows. He may actually have the physical ability to slide out to tackle in the NFL, making him even more attractive."

Round 1 is here.

Previous pick: C Max Unger

Read more: Scouting Report (Mocking the Draft)

On the clock: Oakland Raiders (mushin)

Click over for the schedule and current draft results.

Pick Round 2 Selection Date Approval Rating
1(33) Detroit Lions - UCrawford  CB Darius Butler Weds., April 8th
2(34) New England Patriots (From Kansas City) - connerman  DE Robert Ayers Weds., April 8th
3(35) St. Louis Rams - Lanier63  DT Evander Hood Thursday, April 9th
4(36) Cleveland Browns - HIV2Elway  DE Connor Barwin Thursday, April 9th
5(37) Seattle Seahawks - mikvogel  OT William Beatty Friday, April 10th
6(38) Cincinnati Bengals - mistamic  C Max Unger Friday, April 10th
7(39) Jacksonville Jaguars - DThomasReigns  G Duke Robinson
Monday, April 13th
8(40) Oakland Raiders - mushin   Monday, April 13th
9(41) Green Bay Packers - JasonM   Tuesday, April 14th
10(42) Buffalo Bills - ArrowDread   Tuesday, April 14th
11(43) San Francisco 49ers - Harry Feltersnatch   Weds. April 15th
12(44) Miami Dolphins (From Washington) - shraggyj   Weds. April 15th
13(45) New York Giants (From New Orleans) - ChiefsFan90s   Thursday, April 16th
14(46) Houston Texans - ChiefsDude   Thursday, April 16th
15(47) New England Patriots (From San Diego) - connerman   Friday, April 17th
16(48) Denver Broncos (From Texans) - Keyser Sose   Friday, April 17th
17(49) Chicago Bears - Holmeslice   Monday, April 20th
18(50) Cleveland Browns (From Tampa Bay) - HIV2Elway   Monday, April 20th
19(51) Dallas Cowboys - chiefsfan1384
  Monday, April 20th
20(52) New York Jets - ???   Tuesday, April 21st
21(53) Philadelphia Eagles - Chiefsfan717   Tuesday, April 21st
22(54) Minnesota Vikings - kcsno56   Tuesday, April 21st
23(55) Atlanta Falcons - RedNose   Weds. April 22nd
24(56) Miami Dolphins - shraggyj   Weds. April 22nd
25(57) Baltimore Ravens - Ben S   Weds. April 22nd
26(58) New England Patriots - connerman   Thursday, April 23rd
27(59) Carolina Panthers - 808NaNz808   Thursday, April 23rd
28(60) New York Giants - ChiefsFan90s   Thursday, April 23rd
29(61) Indianapolis Colts - craig in calgary   Friday, April 24th
30(62) Tennessee Titans - Lvl.99   Friday, April 24th
31(63) Arizona Cardinals - THE_TRUTH   Friday, April 24th
32(64) Pittsburgh Steelers - McWhirt33   Friday, April 24th
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