Let's Be Real Folks: No Key Free Agents Want to Come to the Chiefs (yet)

From the FanPosts. Nice work. -Chris

Why are we hearing about this? (Keary Colbert, C.J. Jones, & Keith Davis)

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Instead of this! (Chris Canty & Igor Olshansky)

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First off let me say in advance that I hope to write something later on, apologizing and eating my words (I pray that I will). I also finished reading Chris' post which I agree with in terms of signing bodies for training camp that are of little cost. But looking at the bigger picture, I have to face the reality that no key, relevant, good player wants to come to KC as a FA. What I mean by this is a FA that can come in be a starter and upgrade a current position, preferably for more than a year or two.

As I spent countless hours on AP and other sites (mainly AP of course) just waiting to hear about the key FAs that KC is going to sign I find myself realizing more and more that is probably not going to happen.  Let's be honest here, I didn't expect to sign the Albert Haynesworths or Bart Scotts of the world, but I did think that we had a chance at people like Jason Brown, Igor Olshansky, Chris Canty, etc. As I continue in my wishful thinking I keep hearing a voice saying "no key FA wants to come and play for the Chiefs just yet."  Other than Brown that chose the Rams, the majority of players are choosing a team that they feel has a remote chance of competing. The rest are going to teams that are willing to pay them the most money.

Face it folks as much optimism as we have around here the reality is that most players see the Chiefs as a rebuilding team with no clear sense of direction (from our point of view all of the secrecy from Haley and Pioli is not helping the matter). That is why we are seeing Haley and Pioli bring players that have some type of connection with them. That's the main selling point at this time. Most players that are serious about winning do not want to hear the words "rebuild" or "potential." Right now those are the words associated with the Chiefs.

Take away the names Vrabel and Cassel and what have we had in here so far; Clark Haggans, Bobby Engram, Keith Davis, Keary Colbert, Travis Daniels, and the one "Who in the world?" signing of C.J. Jones.  What I see here is a list of veterans that are on their last leg, role players, and ones that might view KC as their last opportunity to stay in the NFL.

Again I hope that I am wrong and that Pioli and Haley will soon reveal to us a few FAs that will bring excitement to Chiefs' fans.  Hopefully this will happen on March 9th so that we can marvel at  Lanier's Prediction. However I am also ready to accept that until Cassel proves that he can be that QB and the Chiefs show that they are turning things around, we are not going to attract key FAs.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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