For Everyone Who Thinks Michael Vick Is Worth Grabbing

He's priced himself into laughability.

Vick apparently spelled out in his bankruptcy filing what he thinks he's worth to an NFL team:

The embattled Atlanta Falcons quarterback is hoping to earn as much as $10 million a year or more, according to court filings in his bankruptcy case. Under the plan he submitted to the court, Vick would keep the first $750,000 of his annual income over the next five years. After that, a percentage would go to his creditors based on a sliding scale.

Uh huh...because teams love to give away $10 million a year (especially during a recession) to convicted felons who have never been good passers, who are constantly in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, and who haven't played a real game in three years...because they've been in a federal penitentiary.

Call me crazy, but I suspect that Vick's probably going to be lucky to find an offer totaling $750,000 a year, much less one that pays him that, plus enough to keep his creditors happy.

“He is hopeful to play quarterback,” Daniel Meachum, an attorney and business manager for Vick, said in an interview. “There is no person with his talent in that position in all the league.”

Well, except for Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb, Peyton Manning, pretty much every other starting QB in the league, a fair number of the second-stringers, and Vince Young.

Gil Brandt, a senior analyst for, predicted Goodell would give Vick another chance to play, possibly after sanctioning him again. But he said Vick, who holds the NFL single-season record for rushing yards by a quarterback, would stand a better chance of making a team at a different position such as running back.

“The guy is a talented player, but he is going to be away from football for at least three years,” said Brandt, former vice president of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys. “I think it is very, very hard if you are a skill-position player like a quarterback to spend three years away from football and perform at the level that you performed before you were suspended.”

Which, if you look at Michael Vick's passing numbers before his conviction and incarceration, means you would probably be better off trying to draft Pat White in 2009 to play QB than giving a veteran's salary to Vick.


H/T:  Yahoo Sports

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