Chiefs RB Larry Johnson Should Be in Court Today; Suspension to Follow?


2008 was not a very good year for Larry Johnson, on or off the football field. Today, he (should be) in court facing back to back trials for simple assault. I say should be because his last court date was moved, so it's possible this one could be too.

The first incident occurred on February 24th, 2008. A 26-year old woman alleged that Larry Johnson used his open hand to push the left side of her head. Personally, going on a gut feeling, this one sounds flimsy to me that an actual crime occurred.

The second incident occurred back in October 2008 and was by far the more dramatic of the two encounters. Allegedly, Larry Johnson threatened to kill a woman's boyfriend during a confrontation at a nightclub in Kansas City.

The listed Victim stated the Suspect [Larry Johnson] then laughed and stated "All I wanted to tell you is I'm going to kill your boyfriend."

And, of course, when it's late at night in a club, the story doesn't end there.

Larry Johnson says he's "going to kill" the boyfriend because the victim had "been talking." After that threat was made, apparently Larry Johnson spit a drink in the victim's face and his bodyguards escorted her outside. When Larry Johnson was walking to his vehicle, the report states that he then tried to spit on the victim three more times.

Despicable. Classless. And now Larry Johnson faces the court. The original court date for these simple assaults was December 4th, 2008.

While all of this legal hullaballoo was going on, Larry Johnson was facing punishment from the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL as well.

Herm Edwards deactivated LJ for Weeks 7 and 8 and suspended him for Week 9 last season. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended him for Week 10 for violating the league's personnel conduct policy.

Herm deactived Larry Johnson based not on the simple assault charges (so they say) but apparently because Johnson had a series of violations that had been piling up.

Jay Glazer, of, reports Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson's one-game suspension has been brewing for a while. Johnson has been late for several things, according to sources, including the team's plane before their trip for Week 5. The team had to hold the plane for Johnson. Several weeks prior, Johnson was told to leave the field for a personnel package that included RB Jamaal Charles. Johnson refused and insisted the team would receive a penalty if they put Charles on the field.

Larry Johnson did accomplish one thing last year - pissing off nearly everyone he possibly could. You know the rest...LJ asked to be traded at the end of the season...Now we're waiting to see if the whiny pair of Tony Gonzalez and Larry Johnson will be Chiefs this upcoming season...

So, the question is will Larry Johnson face future suspensions from the NFL? Roger Goodell has already suspended him for one game last season...Is that enough? Or will a conviction on any one of these charges (and that isn't a guarantee by the way) sit Larry down for four or even six games in 2009?

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