Unsung AP Draft Prospects Part VIII: Jarrett Dillard

Hot off the request line heres a case for Jarrett Dillard.




  • Primary: Wide Reciever
  • Secondary: Slot Reciever



  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 191
  • 225 bench: 13
  • 40: 4.5
  • Vertical: 42.5"



Production Notes

  • He definitely isn't the flashiest route runner however his vertical and fluid hip movement makes up for his lack of speed.
  • Very reliable receiver, Rice's QB sucks but lucky for Jarrett Dillard that's exactly what highlighted his abilities, why is he always jumping for the ball? Not because it looks cool thats for sure.
  • Never spent significant amount of time in the slot but that's probably where he'll end up in the NFL, he catches everything he touches and works well in traffic, sounds ideal. 
  • Dillard played in a spread dominant offense back at Rice, his numbers may be a tad inflated but hey Davonne Bess came out of a spread and he's doing well for himself. Heck if Michael Crabtree can be drafted in the first round after playing in the spread and not working out at all in the combine or his pro day, why does Dillard playing in a spread drop his stock?


Things To Look At

  • His vertical is good for the best amongst recievers in the combine.
  • He has very long arms for his size which gives him the ability to get off press coverages, good news considering the AFC West is going 3-4 (which leans more towards press coverage), and holds top tier corners such as Nmandi Asomuhga, Quentin Jammer, Antonio Cromartie, and the legendary Champ Bailey.
  • Slow in tight spaces and lacks supreme acceleration, good for receptions and big plays on 3rd down situations but he won't stretch the field for you. Once he gets rolling he'll be hard to catch though. 
  • His 3 cone drill worries me, he had a middle of the pack performance. What happened to those fluid hips? Maybe it was an off day for him considering his vertical has been said to have reached lengths of 45". 
  • The kid has a ton of drive and wants to prove to people his lack of height and combine speed are not important. He was passed over by all D1 colleges except Rice despite the fact that he held all sorts of accolades as a high school athlete all because of his height. In Aprils draft he won't hear his name until the late 5th or early 6th, once again because of his height (and a stellar receiver class). It should be enough to light a fire under him to prove something. 
  • The only private workout I could dig up was Miami. However a lot of scouts were impressed by his vertical at the combine enough that representatives from the Jaguars, Redskins, Packers, Browns, Bengals, and Titans interviewed him. 


Current NFL Player Comparison



Mike Furrey: I was torn between Furrey and Wes Welker but Dillard isn't fast enough to be a Welker



  • Furrey is an inch taller and 6 pounds heavier, but doesn't have as great a vertical as Dillard does.
  • Shifty receivers with long arms that use dominant hip movement to get into wide open spaces
  • Like aforementioned, it'll be more about receptions and 3rd down conversions than touchdowns in the NFL for Dillard just as it has been for Furrey.
  • Both strive in a spread as route runners. Lack of adequate strength make their ability to block linebackers lackluster, but they'll get in the way for a good chunk of time.
  • Both very aware of the sideline and make a lot of tip toe catches.


My Verdict


  • Dillards lack of speed may keep him at a mediocre level in the NFL but his vertical may open up a whole new type of slot receiver in the NFL. He could also surprise the NFL as a red zone threat with that vertical, but remember everyone in the NFL has great verticals and the pushout rule in the NFL just got terminated, so his leaps in the end zone may be all for naught in the NFL.
  • Isn't going to be an immediate starter in the NFL, and if he is it will be a story to tell. He seldom worked out of the slot in college where he'll play in the NFL. He'll be getting bust proclamations from uneducated fans his first year because he won't put up gaudy numbers but he'll break out in his second or third year if he's on track.
  • Worth the shot if we acquire a late 5th or as our early 6th, Todd Haley is an amazing recievers coach and Bobby Engram is a nice guy that may be up for a mentoring job, Dillard enters a good situation in KC. 
  • I'd go all Tom Cruise and jump all over my couch if he took Jeff Webb's spot on the 53 man roster.





This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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