Who is Mr. Irrelevant anyway?

I’m sure that most of us here already know the answer to this question.  For anyone who doesn’t, Mr. Irrelevant is the dubious title that is bestowed upon the one lucky fellow who his selected with the final pick in each year’s NFL draft.  Since the Chiefs were awarded this year’s final pick, a couple questions came to mind.

I was curious to see if the Chiefs had ever chosen Mr. Irrelevant before.  As it turns out, they have.  In 1970 they selected a DB our of Alcorn A&M by the name of Rayford Jenkins.  But of course, Primetime07 already stole my thunder here.

I also wanted to see who else had been chosen as Mr. Irrelevant and if any of them had gone on to transcend their lofty title as a well known player in the NFL.  Sadly, I have to admit that I didn’t recognize a single name on the list.  While this could mean that the title of Mr. Irrelevant is appropriate and nobody who’s been selected with the final pick has ever amounted to a hill of beans as a player, the more likely scenario is that my knowledge of football history is truly underwhelming and I don’t have a clue.  :-/  I figured I’d compile the list and let my AP brethren get us all up to speed.

Before I do that, there were a couple of interesting tidbits that I found along the way.  First off, it appears that the draft has really evolved over the years.  When you consider that there were fewer teams in the league and when you back to say, 1967, Mr. Irrelevant was taken with the 445th pick.  Look at 1976 which ended at pick #487.  Compare that with last year’s Mr. Irrelevant who was taken at #255. Wow!  Seems like the draft would have lasted a week!

A couple of other curious items that I was unaware of were two old-school field positions.  Going back to 1963 and beyond there were players listed at positions “B” and “E.”  I have no idea what they are and the little bit of Google research that I had time to do came up fruitless.  I was hoping one of you geniuses could enlighten those of us who aren't in the know.

Anyway, here’s the history of Mr. Irrelevant:

Year Pick # Team Name Position School
2007 255  Detroit Lions  Ramzee Robinson  CB  Alabama 
2006 255  Oakland Raiders  Kevin McMahan  WR  Maine 
2005 255  New England Patriots  Andy Stokes  TE  William & Penn 
2004 255  Oakland Raiders  Andre Sommersell  OLB  Colorado State 
2003 262  Oakland Raiders  Ryan Hoag  WR  Gustavus Adolphus 
2002 261  Houston Texans  Ahmad Miller  DT  UNLV 
2001 246  Arizona Cardinals  Tevita Ofahengaue  TE  Brigham Young 
2000 254  Chicago Bears  Michael Green  DB  NW Louisiana 
1999 253  Chicago Bears  James Finn  RB  Pennsylvania 
1998 241  Baltimore Ravens  Cam Quayle  TE  Weber State 
1997 240  Green Bay Packers  Ronnie McAda  QB  Army 
1996 254  San Francisco 49ers  Sam Manuel  LB  New Mexico State 
1995 249  Carolina Panthers  Michael Reed  DB  Boston College 
1994 222  New England Patriots  Marty Moore  LB  Kentucky 
1993 224  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Daron Alcorn  K  Akron 
1992 336  Washington Redskins  Matt Elliott  C  Michigan 
1991 334  New York Giants  Larry Wanke  QB  John Carroll 
1990 331  Los Angeles Raiders  Demetrius Davis  TE  Nevada 
1989 335  Minnesota Vikings  Everett Ross  WR  Ohio State 
1988 333  Los Angeles Rams  Jeff Bethard  WR  Southern Oregon State 
1987 335  Green Bay Packers  Norman Jefferson  DB  Louisiana State 
1986 333  San Diego Chargers  Mike Travis  DB  Georgia Tech 
1985 336  San Francisco 49ers  Donald Chumley  DT  Georgia 
1984 336  Los Angeles Raiders  Randy Essington  QB  Colorado 
1983 335  New York Giants  John Tuggle  RB  California 
1982 334  San Francisco 49ers  Tim Washington  DB  Fresno State 
1981 332  Oakland Raiders  Phil Nelson  TE  Delaware 
1980 333  Pittsburgh Steelers  Tyrone McGriff  G  Florida A&M 
1979 330  Pittsburgh Steelers  Mike Almond  WR  NW Louisiana 
1978 334  Dallas Cowboys  Lee Washburn  G  Montana State 
1977 335  Oakland Raiders  Rolf Benirshke  K  California-Davis 
1976 487  Pittsburgh Steelers  Kelvin Kirk  WR  Dayton 
1975 442  Pittsburgh Steelers  Stan Hegener  G  Nebraska 
1974 442  Miami Dolphins  Ken Dickerson  DB  Tuskegee 
1973 442  Miami Dolphins  Charles Wade  WR  Tennessee State 
1972 442  Dallas Cowboys  Alphonso Cain  DT  Bethune-Cookman 
1971 442  Oakland Raiders  Charles Hill  WR  Sam Houston State 
1970 442  Kansas City Chiefs  Rayford Jenkins  DB  Alcorn A&M 
1969 442  New York Jets  Fred Zirkie  DT  Duke 
1968 462  Cincinnati Bengals  Jimmy Smith  TE  Jackson State 
1967 445  New Orleans Saints  Jimmy Walker  WR  Providence 
1966 305  Baltimore Colts  Tom Carr  T  Morgan State 
1965 280  Baltimore Colts  George Haffner  QB  McNeese State 
1964 280  Chicago Bears  Dick Niglio  RB  Yale 
1963 280  Green Bay Packers  Bobby Brezina  B  Houston 
1962 280  Green Bay Packers  Mike Snodgrass  C  Western Michigan 
1961 280  Philadelphia Eagles  Jacque MacKinnon  B  Colgate 
1960 240  New York Giants  Bill Gorman  T  McMurry 
1959 360  Baltimore Colts  Blair Weese  B  West Virginia Tech 
1958 360  Detroit Lions  Tommy Bronson  B  Tennessee 
1957 360  New York Giants  Don Gest  E  Washington State 
1956 360  Cleveland Browns  Bob Bartholomew  T  Wake Forest 
1955 360  Cleveland Browns  Lamar Leachman  C  Tennessee 
1954 360  Detroit Lions  Ellis Horton  B  Eureka (IL) 
1953 360  Detroit Lions  Hal Maus  E  Montana 
1952 360  Cleveland Browns  John Saban  B  Xavier 
1951 362  Cleveland Browns  Sisto Averno  G  Muhlenberg 
1950 391  Philadelphia Eagles  Dud Parker  B  Baylor 
1949 251  Philadelphia Eagles  John (Bull) Schweder  G  Pennsylvania 
1948 300  Chicago Cardinals  Bill Fischer  G  Notre Dame 
1947 300  New York Giants  Don Clayton  B  North Carolina 
1946 300  Los Angeles Rams  John West  B  Oklahoma 
1945 330  Green Bay Packers  Billy Joe Aldridge  B  Oklahoma State 
1944 330  Boston Yanks  Walton Roberts  B  Texas 
1943 300  Washington Redskins  Bo Bogovich  G  Delaware 
1942 200  Chicago Bears  Stu Clarkson  C  Texas A&M Kingsville
1941 204  Pittsburgh Steelers  Mort Landsbert  B  Cornell 
1940 200  New York Giants  Myron Claxton  T  Whittier 
1939 200  New York Giants  Jack Rhodes  G  Texas 
1938 110  Chicago Bears  Ferd Dreher  E  Denver 
1937 100  Cleveland Rams  Solon Holt  G  Texas Christian 
1936 81  New York Giants  Phil Flanagan  G  Holy Cross


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