Trade Down Scenarios

By far the most attractive option for the Chiefs this year is to trade down.  We say that every year, but this year moreso than most.  The elite prospects at the top of the draft: QB, LT are not positions of great need for the Chiefs now that we have Branden Albert and Matt Cassel.  Linebacker IS a need, but this is a year loaded with 1st round LB talent.  As good as Curry is, he is not so far head and shoulders above Maualuga and Cushing that he is a must have.

It is very uncommon for teams to trade up into the top 5 because of the cost associated with the players there, but lets look at some teams that might be interested:

Scenario 1
Target Player: Matthew Stafford, QB
Potential Trading Partners: Jacksonville, San Francisco, Tampa Bay

The position most likely to attract a team to move up into the top 5 is the best QB in the draft.  Because of the importance of the position, teams will be willing to give up more than usual to get a top prospect.   Though the Chiefs will not be considered a threat to take Stafford because they have acquired Matt Cassel, it is very possible that the Seattle Seahawks right behind us at #4 would consider taking him as the successor to Hasselbeck.  This combined with the fact that Stafford is the only legitimate elite QB prospect in the entire draft could motivate teams that are desperate for a franchise QB to make a move.

Jacksonville may still be on the David Garrard train but it may be at its last stop. They were highly criticized for giving up too much for moving up to take Derrick Harvey last year who did very little so may not be willing to do it in consecutive years. 
Trade Value Chart Compensation: Swap 1st rounders, 2nd rounder + 4th rounder.

There is no question the 49ers need a QB, but their last QB bust is still on the roster in Alex Smith.  They, like Detroit, may not feel they are free to take a chance on another top of the 1st round QB.
Trade Value Chart Compensation: Swap 1st rounders, 2nd + 3rd rounders.

Tampa Bay has always been criticized under John Gruden for never having a top QB prospect, but now that he and Jeff Garcia are gone, the Bucs NEED a franchise QB.  The cost to jump from #19 overall to #3 will probably be too steep for the Bucs to make however.
Trade Value Chart Compensation: Swap 1st rounder + 2010 1st rounder.

Scenario 2
Target Players: Jason Smith, LT or Eugene Monroe, LT
Potential Trading Partners: Seattle, Cincinnati, Jacksonville

The Chiefs don't NEED a LT since we got Brandon Albert last year, however we do have needs on the Offensive Line so should be considered a legitimate threat to take one of the elite tackles.  Andre Smiths meltdown and poor work ethic coming to light should improve the liklihood of the Chiefs finding a trade partner since many teams will not even consider him an option later on.

Trade Value Chart Compnensation:

Seattle: Swap 1st rounders + 3rd and 4th rounders
Cincinnati: Swap 1st rounder + 3rd and 5th rounders
Swap 1st rounders, 2nd rounder + 4th rounder.

Scenario 3
Target Player: Aaron Curry, LB
Potential Trade Partners:  Cleveland, Green Bay

The Chiefs do need linebackers and Aaron Curry appears to be a very good prospect.  However there are above average prospects to be had in the mid 1st round in Maualuga and Cushing or even Lauranitas and Mathews in the late 1st, early 2nd round.

Cleveland: Swap 1st rounders + 2nd rounder
Green Bay: Swap 1st rounders + 2nd rounder + 2010 2nd rounder


Depending on how far back we go, it opens up much more desirable options at a much better value. 
If we move back to between #7 and #10: Crabtree and Maclin (WR), Maualuga and Cushing (LB) or Orakpo and Brown (DE/OLB) become much better values.  Plus a 2nd round pick would put us back in the running for some of the top Centers and Guards in the draft.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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