2008 Sacks Allowed - Left Tackles

Found these stats posted by Balto at WPI (he didn't link to where he got them, so I'll just have to take his word for their accuracy) and thought it would be an interesting conversation piece:

Left Tackle (sacks allowed)

1. Ryan Clady (Broncos) 0.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
2. Michael Roos (Titans) 1.0 sacks allowed (16 starts) *PRO-BOWL*
3. Tra Thomas (Eagles) 2.0 sacks allowed (16 starts)
3. Orlando Pace (Rams) 2.0 sacks allowed (14 starts)
5. Jake Long (Dolphins) 2.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
6. Jordan Gross (Panthers) 3.0 sacks allowed (15 starts) *PRO-BOWL*
6. Jammal Brown (Saints) 3.0 sacks allowed (15 starts)
6. Jared Gaither (Ravens) 3.0 sacks allowed (15 starts)
6. Marcus McNeill (Chargers) 3.0 sacks allowed (14 starts)
6. Tony Ugoh (Colts) 3.0 sacks allowed (12 starts)
6. Chris Samuels (Redskins) 3.0 sacks allowed (12 starts) *PRO-BOWL*
6. Todd Weiner (Falcons) 3.0 sacks allowed (11 starts)
13. Walter Jones (Seahawks) 3.5 sacks allowed (12 starts) *PRO-BOWL*
14. D’Brickashaw Ferguson (Jets) 4.0 sacks allowed (16 starts)
14. Bryant McKinnie (Vikings) 4.0 sacks allowed (12 starts)
14. Max Starks (Steelers) 4.0 sacks allowed (11 starts)
17. Joe Thomas (Browns) 4.5 sacks allowed (16 starts) *PRO-BOWL*
17. Branden Albert (Cheifs) 4.5 sacks allowed (15 starts)
19. Levi Brown (Bengals) 5.5 sacks allowed (11 starts)
20. Mike Gandy (Cardinals) 6.25 sacks allowed (16 starts)
21. David Diehl (Giants) 6.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
22. Flozell Adams (Cowboys) 7.25 sacks allowed (16 starts)
23. Khalif Barnes (Jags) 7.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
23. Matt Light (Pats) 7.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
23. Chad Clifton (Packers) 7.5 sacks allowed (15 starts)
23. Kwame Harris (Raiders) 7.5 sacks allowed (11 starts)
27. Joe Staley (49ers) 8.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
28. Donald Penn (Bucs) 8.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
29. Jeff Backus (Lions) 9.25 sacks allowed (16 starts)
30. John St. Clair (Bears) 9.75 sacks allowed (16 starts)
31. Duane Brown (Texans) 11.5 sacks allowed (16 starts)
31. Jason Peters (Bills) 11.5 sacks allowed (13 starts) *PRO-BOWL*

Of course the thing that immediately stands out is Branden Albert stepping in with almost no work in training camp and switching from Guard where he played in college and doing a damn fine job on the toughest position on the line, only allowing 4.5 sacks, the same amount as 2007s #3 overall pick and Pro Bowler Joe Thomas in his second year.

A lot of people saying we should take one of the Tackles at the top of the draft this year and move Albert to RT because he's cheaper.  I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Just because you CAN spend a ton of money on the offensive line doesn't mean you have to.  Use that pick (and the money we'd save paying a LT #17 money instead of #3 money) to fill our other needs.  You don't need a superstar to play Right Tackle and moving Albert to RT would be a waste of his talent.

The second thing that jumps out at you is Jason Peters, LT for the Bills going to the Pro Bowl while giving up the most sacks of any other LT in the NFL (11.5) in only 13 sacks.  The Pro Bowl selection process is stupid.

As many of you know, I've been saying all along that the Lions would pick an Offensive Tackle with the #1 overall pick because it is a need and a safe move (though with Aaron Curry shooting up the draft boards and being a safe pick its possible the Lions will take him instead (though its not a good idea)).  In return I have been told the Lions "already have a very good LT".  Jeff Backus is 29th in the NFL last year amongst LTs giving up 9.25 sacks, more than twice as many as our rookie. 

By means of comparison, Damion McIntosh gave up 7.0 sacks.  Just saying...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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