Random Thoughts about the Kansas City Chiefs

Easily one of my favorite Chiefs videos on YouTube.

Almost a complete lack of new news coming out about the Kansas City Chiefs this week. Here are a few thoughts that have been in and out of my head recently.

On Herm Edwards

Recently, commenter Patrick Allen asked us to ease up on Herm Edwards here at AP. I'd agree that Herm doesn't, right now at least, deserve more criticism than he got when he was the head coach. He is a classy guy, who has mastered the art of talking without really saying anything of importance. That's really been my only big criticism of Herm over the years. His hollow rhetoric will fit in nicely in at ESPN. And with that, I'm pretty much done talking about Herm Edwards. Unless he gets hired as another coach somewhere, I can't imagine his name will come up that much around here anymore (At least after this post).

On local media feuds

I've mentioned this before but the local media feuds that Kansas City has are downright childish. Jason Whitlock making fun of Carl Peterson and others in his columns. Local sports personalities making ad hominem attacks on Whitlock. I mean, this is really pathetic people. The debate has devolved past any intelligent point to straight insults. Bob Gretz is as guilty as well, with a number of derogatory references to Whitlock and the Kansas City Star in his columns on KCChiefs.com.

It's weird. I know there is some bad history between the Chiefs and the local media but I guess I don't get this one. The next time you read a newspaper writer criticism the tone of sports blogs, remember the KC media feud.

On KC losing the Chiefs

Last thing I'm going to say on this since it's already been posted about like five times here. The Chiefs are not moving. The Hunts have invested a lot of money in the stadium rennovations at Arrowhead Stadium. If the team loses the $2 million (gasp!) it receives from the city, I'm sure the Hunts can find a way to even out the balance.

Are we setting up to win now?

With Herm Edwards as our coach for the last three seasons, I got used to the idea of "rebuilding." And with that idea, I was able to take a lot more losses than I normally would beause we were rebuilding. I thought rebuilding meant losing. I thought we'd have to rebuild for a season or two at least.

No more. Jonathan Rand said it so well recently- "The Matt Cassel trade was more than a transaction. It was also a statement from the Chiefs’ new regime that rebuilding and haplessness don’t have to go hand in hand."

The win now/rebuilding debate is moot. We have people who know what they're doing in the front office now. We're always looking to win.

Glenn Dorsey

If the Chiefs switch to a 3-4 defense, I'm still not sure where Dorsey is going to end up. Sometimes I feel like you could lift last year's #5 pick right out of the mix and things really wouldn't change on this team.


Take a look at our roster now. Quarterback is the deepest position the Chiefs have. We're also extremely deep at the long snapper position.

Nick Lowery

I have to thank Nick Lowery for allowing me to grow up thinking that a good kicker was just an assumed thing for NFL teams. Until that illusiion was shattered in January 1997, I retained nearly 100% confidence in the Chiefs kicking game. It seems like Nick Lowery is doing well for himself nowadays, so I send him my congratulations on making the Chiefs Hall of Fame.

7 draft picks?

The Chiefs have seven drafts picks as of right now I believe. Take a look at this page and let me know if you arrive at the same conclusion. How many do you think we'll end up with?


That should get us going this morning. I'm getting together the full AP Mock Draft info post and I know Primetime has something coming up for you.

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