Are There More Trades In Our Future?

All this activity this last weekend, especially in terms of trading players, got me thinking.  From a NE perspective they may feel they lost some quality players (they did) and got undercompensated (they did not).  It's more than just looking at it from a trade/draft/value perspective.  One also has to realize that NE freed up nearly 20 mil in Cap space (roughly 5 mil for Vrabel, and nearly 15 mil for Cassel).  That in and of itself is huge.  Then throw in the 2nd rounder and it's a good spot for them to be in.  Arguably it is a better spot for the Chiefs.  That being said the trading got me thinking about our veterans and all the discussions prior to this weekend on who would stay and who would go.  So I'm curious what you all think.

First up, Brian Waters;

Personally I like Waters and think he has done a helluva job for the Chiefs over the past nine years.  Yes whatever occurred this past week between him and Pioli/Haley probably could've been done better.  But the thing that comes to mind here is that over those past nine season with the Chiefs, Waters has had coaches that were all very approachable, friendly and player oriented (even counting Gunther here and all his yelling, there was an underside of trying to get the best out of people and his last year was Water's first.)  So Waters has had three coaches (prior to Haley) in KC of which the two longest have been emmotional - remember Vermeil liked to cry, compassionate and player oriented men.  Remember there was a poll not too long ago amongst current NFL players that put Herm in the top five for coaches players wanted to play for. 

Heres the link;

Now in comes the drill sargeant mentality of Haley who isn't all that impressed with our 2 and 14 season.  That has to be a sharp culture clash for Waters.  That being said, I think we have so many issues at hand, we need Waters, his professionalism,  leadership and skills so trading him, is out of the question.



This has gone round and round here on AP.  To be honest I would love to see him go.  However, where are we going to pick up a suitable replacement?  This is a need, and his attitude sucks, but I think we are going to milk his disenchated holiness for all we can get out of him and fill in a new RB situation in the next few years.  I just don't see it as a high priority and am not sure if we could fill that through FA, maybe in the draft, but again we have other pressing needs.  So I see us with another season or two of production out of him and maybe Haley's style will straighten him out.  Hmmmm.


TG wants to win.  He's been here a long time and has done a lot for us.  I want to see him retire a chief.  And we need all the offensive weapons possible for our new QBOTF whether that is Cassel or Thigy.  That being said if we are going to get any value out of trading him now is the time.  I am on the fence here.  I do not want to see TG go to another team, but for the right compensation?..... So the question here is what would that be?

I really only have  a few other veteran players (if you can call them that) that I wonder about. Specifically in our secondary with Page and Pollard - I say they are veterans b/c they have played with us for more than one season (ha!) and with our currently young team that says something.

There has been some debate about keeping them and their success with us;  More around Pollard than Page.  There's a link to  a discussion here as we have already kept Rudy (that's one I would have let go).

Personally I like them both.  They have things to learn still and have to work on some of their coverages, but given the lack of any passrush we had last season I feel our secondary did fairly well considering.  There is only so long you can shut down the safety zone when opposing QB's have all day.  So I say we keep em and improve our d-line. 

So then I end with a mish mash of players who have multiple years in the league currently call the Chiefs home and maybe (maybe) have some trade value. 

Boone, McIntosh, Demarrio Williams, McGraw, Pat Thomas, Rocky Boiman, Ron Edwards and Tamba Hali.  With this bunch?  I'm really curious what you all think about keeping them, letting them go, or trading.  Trading being the better of letting them go.  Sacintosh I am pretty sure we wouldn't get much of anything for, but I guess he's worth keeping for depth.  McGraw I say keep (aside from bagging groceries :) he does a fairly good job on special teams), Edwards, Boone and Williams I have been uninpressed with, but again what value do they have?  Tamba has been a huge dissapointment but I give him one more year to turn it around before I call him a bust.  Maybe if we end up with Romeo (Romeo where fore art thou?) and angle him in a better position more suited for his skills?....

Anyway this is what I have been mulling over.  Your thoughts?  And be easy on me, it's my first Post here and I wouldn't want Lanier calling me a Troll anymore :) 


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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