Filling Out the Chiefs Coaching Staff with New Head Coach Todd Haley

Here is the transcript to yesterday's press conference with Clark Hunt, Todd Haley and Scott Pioli. Look for a more thorough post on defensive coordinators tomorrow morning.




Defensive Coordinator ??? Quarterbacks ??? Special Teams ???
Defensive Backs ??? Offensive Line Bob Bicknell (2) Special Teams Assistant ???
Linebackers ??? Assistant Offensive Line Joe D'Alessandris (1) Assistant Strength and Conditioning Brent Salazar (2)
Defensive Assistant Michael Ketchum (3) Tight Ends Jon Embree (3) Strength and Conditioning Cedric Smith (2)
Defensive Line Tim Krumrie (3) Running Backs Curtis Modkins (1) Manager of Football Operations/Player Development Nate Wainwright (3)
Offensive Assistant/Quality Control Kevin Patullo (2)
Wide Receivers Eric Price (1)


Here we have the current coaching staff of the Kansas City Chiefs with their years of service to the Chiefs in parentheses, courtesy of As I see it, Todd Haley will have to at the very least fill 5-6 positions that are currently vacant, mostly on the defensive side of the ball.

All of the current coaches' jobs are hypothetically on the line. If you noticed, every single coach on the current staff came with or after Herm Edwards was hired as head coach in 2005. Former Chiefs DC Gunther Cunningham was the only holdover from the Vermeil years.

So, expect a lot of changes to the table above in the coming weeks. I think it would serve Todd Haley well to keep Chan Gailey on as offensive coordinator. Gailey put together a spread offense on the fly last year, with a 7th round draft pick at QB no less (in case you missed last season). Think about what he can do with an entire off season with his players and Haley's offensive acumen. I have a lot of confidence in a Gailey-Haley offensive combo, if it turns out that way.

But it probably won't turn out that way. Head coaches have a natural impulse to clean house, to start fresh. Even though Chan Gailey definitely has the football intelligence to be offensive coordinator, he may be viewed as one of the few remaining vestiges of a team that only won two games with him calling the offensive shots.

For now, let's speculate (and I stress speculate) on who we'd like to see fill any of the positions above. We're working on a defensive coordinator post right now. We'll incorporate your thoughts and ideas from this post into that DC one.

Speculate, wish, hope away.

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