The 'hot-headed' coach

With all signs pointing to Todd Haley as our guy we can start picking him apart even more.


First, whenever the media gets ahold of a story and runs it into the ground there is usually much more to it, as was likely the case with Boldin and him shouting. Personally, all I saw was Boldin instigating a minor shouting match and Haley making sure he didn't distract him. It wasn't long and drawn out by any means, but surely opinions on this differ.

For every shouting match, we saw him hugging and encouraging his players during the Superbowl in the rare camera shots.


It's impossible to know what kind of style he is going to want to bring with an utterly less talented team on his hands. The core of what I see in his current style leads me to believe he will:


Play completely aggressively- Not letting up when "up by 3" with a half to go as the previous regime would've been happy to do. Sometimes this mindset can get you into trouble, say an INT at a terrible time, but the mindset rubs off on the players and they ironically begin to play to win the game. Instead of standing in fear and waiting for the game to unravel, maybe we'll be acting like we just came out of the tunnel and keep shoving it down the other teams throat offensively and defensively. I can't help but think something like this would've helped Thigpen's confidence immensely and notched a few more wins last season as he somewhat dominated early only to suffer under our crappy late game adjustments.


Stop playing for themselves- I think we have great young talent, great kids brought in over the last few years. But, I think they are playing for their own improvement. I don't think Tamba Hali cared as much about a game changing sack as much as getting a sack to not look just plain awful. Or Bowe dropping everything his way for a stint just hurt Da Bowe Show ego, not really the team (in his eyes). When you have a competitor at coach it makes it that much easier to shut your ego up and start playing for something.


An outdated coaching mentality?- Is it past time for the Ditka's and Parcells of the coaching world to still operate as they did with intensity and fear in their commands? Well, no. Remember how Bill Cowher was known for his attitude and intensity? They even did a Dr. Pepper commercial about it! And the biggest name out there, Bill Belichek can't go a sentence without cursing and disciplining his players. Ultimately, if done correctly this will build respect because they'll see a coach who knows what he is doing. If he mis-uses this power than the players will think he's not out to help them and just gets mad, creating malcontents.


I think when a bunch of young kids get paid millions of dollars they need someone to 'keep the foot on their throat' to stay competitive and not complacent. I think our guys are in for a shock as they go through some things with Haley because it will be the opposite of Herm Edwards, but if they truly want to win they will grow by leaps and bounds as Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner have under his coaching.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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