Chiefs Rank 2nd to Last in Total Salary Since 2003

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Total 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
Washington Redskins $614,609,349 $111,963,684 $123,408,019 $110,340,460 $66,108,711 $117,962,286 $84,826,189
Minnesota Vikings $614,075,624 $133,354,045 $92,161,921 $125,025,909 $85,405,909 $92,407,989 $85,719,851
New Orleans Saints $597,424,828 $131,531,820 $110,417,011 $91,021,286 $96,027,339 $73,324,022 $95,103,350
Dallas Cowboys $596,059,716 $146,401,600 $107,376,072 $113,595,442 $82,234,816 $65,409,479 $81,042,307
Seattle Seahawks $588,840,960 $102,985,710 $99,567,188 $107,449,932 $100,604,116 $94,006,282 $84,227,732
Houston Texans $572,084,816 $108,445,418 $98,154,775 $108,675,881 $81,743,598 $97,473,626 $77,591,518
Indianapolis Colts $571,983,069 $93,373,915 $102,786,398 $131,189,741 $77,425,584 $92,209,207 $74,998,224
Philladelphia Eagles $570,346,675 $109,557,398 $100,807,309 $104,846,458 $72,721,279 $104,977,331 $77,436,900
New England Patriots $569,344,286 $92,734,120 $117,963,182 $105,110,495 $94,409,059 $76,999,180 $82,128,250
Carolina Panthers $565,633,326 $112,114,711 $93,944,262 $106,554,612 $90,207,818 $87,807,573 $75,004,350
Oakland Raiders $565,555,173 $152,389,371 $90,869,865 $71,822,140 $98,199,827 $77,369,122 $74,904,848
Chicago Bears $564,943,914 $120,065,819 $104,151,969 $91,648,722 $78,447,028 $87,826,859 $82,803,517
Baltimore Ravens $564,640,369 $90,713,965 $104,997,764 $111,596,746 $94,699,413 $86,478,031 $76,154,450
Arizona Cardinals $563,026,292 $122,110,110 $98,694,817 $105,685,931 $76,539,161 $78,961,345 $81,034,928
St. Louis Rams $557,226,458 $116,677,660 $100,340,467 $104,720,286 $78,874,540 $76,389,455 $80,224,050
Detroit Lions $556,349,895 $95,827,117 $106,731,910 $100,994,425 $80,555,718 $94,578,628 $77,662,097
Pittsburgh Steelers $554,898,859 $128,815,061 $106,293,914 $94,038,001 $84,225,127 $77,955,021 $63,571,735
Atlanta Falcons $551,668,641 $96,391,525 $83,845,371 $105,072,221 $98,787,003 $82,711,268 $84,861,253
Cincinnati Bengals $550,367,564 $109,727,880 $98,529,188 $113,000,016 $74,841,371 $68,811,884 $85,457,225
Jacksonville Jaguars $547,963,324 $122,109,207 $94,030,775 $97,664,503 $83,310,713 $72,113,009 $78,735,117
New York Jets $545,449,859 $116,910,097 $99,971,535 $86,145,839 $79,346,324 $93,866,236 $69,209,828
San Diego Chargers $542,269,525 $111,813,340 $102,460,685 $99,782,506 $78,729,437 $76,253,021 $73,230,536
New York Giants $541,973,593 $115,816,180 $75,755,388 $108,196,454 $82,422,436 $81,657,826 $78,125,309
Cleveland Browns $538,590,874 $131,916,300 $102,394,922 $89,196,326 $73,505,292 $87,728,284 $53,849,750
Buffalo Bills $537,572,253 $113,364,927 $108,875,882 $80,924,316 $80,937,517 $80,170,229 $73,299,382
Miami Dolphins $537,201,747 $114,649,660 $92,573,123 $97,660,204 $70,942,305 $93,937,308 $67,439,147
Tennessee Titans $528,831,820 $126,017,443 $97,081,153 $89,820,780 $61,332,658 $79,003,839 $75,575,947
San Francisco 49ers $527,155,856 $118,766,239 $106,877,077 $95,134,927 $82,824,487 $63,033,817 $60,519,309
Tampa Bay Bucs $525,059,136 $104,329,311 $98,105,565 $78,779,519 $73,770,494 $81,989,547 $88,084,700
Denver Broncos $524,946,400 $95,599,778 $102,152,344 $94,392,713 $95,409,738 $72,564,908 $64,826,919
Kansas City Chiefs $519,256,128 $83,623,776 $108,482,459 $81,748,009 $83,390,185 $84,617,626 $77,394,073
Green Bay Packers $512,587,418 $94,018,300 $97,653,823 $98,561,315 $64,740,177 $80,383,682 $77,230,121

This information comes via the USA Today Salary Database it's been referrenced in previous posts, but I've never seen anyone pull the #'s into excel and get some totals.

In the last 3 or 4 years, I've noticed that things have changed since the mid-90's and early 00's.  There was a time when each year Chiefs fans knew we'd be spending at or near the cap.  This hasn't been the case in some while. 

The numbers above represent total salaries and not salary cap figures.  You often heard Carl reference 'Cash on hand vs. Cap dollars.'  He did this because he knew that the Chiefs had lots of cap room the last few years, but we still weren't really being competitive in free agency.

The one that still bugs me is Jared Allen.  I read many in the media and blogosphere say that you can't spend that kind of money on JA.  What almost no one realizes: we could have signed JA to the same contract as the Vikes did, and because we were so ridiculously under the cap, we could have made his entire bonus a roster bonus (All $35 mil) and put all the guaranteed money on the '08 cap.  What that would have done, is made Jared a 5 or 6 million dollar cap figure from 09-13!  That's a steal, gents for a player of his quality.  Its not just him.  In the last few years, Carl and Co. went out of their way to sign players to Cap-un-friendly deals.  The TG and LJ extensions both could have been signed with more money going immediately on the cap.  As I'm sure you guys know, once a year is over, the $ left unused on the cap are gone forever.  Teams like NE, Philly and Pitt regularly resign guys mid-season to use up cap dollars for that year.   

I say this, not to be a downer on the Chiefs and their future.  I say this because I want Chiefs fans (and especially us Season Ticket holders) to hold Clark accountable.  I'm posting this today because today is the Clark conference call.

Everything, I've seen out of Clark this offseason, has led me to believe that this cheapness is going to be a thing of the past.  He went out and paid top dollar for a GM, there was one report that Pioli is the highest paid GM in the league.  He then went out and signed Haley to a competitive contract comparable to some of the other guys inked this offseason (Spags, McDaniels).  So to be clear, I'm very hopeful that our cheapness, and yeah, that's what I'm calling it, is going to end starting in 2009.

But to take it a step further, there is no excuse for the cheapness to continue.  The Jackson Co. taxpayers have funded a large majority of the renovations to The Head, and with that, our revenues likely never have been higher than this season.

So, whats your point kcsno56??  Am I saying we have to go out and sign Haynesworth?  No.  Am I saying they have to eat up all their cap room this offseason and spend upwards of 110 mil?  No.  What I am saying is that over the next two seasons, Clark needs to open the purse-strings and let Scott know that finances aren't an issue, only the cap is.  I'm of the belief that Pioli wouldn't have taken this job if he thought otherwise. Lets hope that's the case.

What we do have to see this offseason, is to pick at least one of the elite FAs, preferably one 28 or under heading into this season, and get him signed to a contract that will keep him here at least 3-4 years and through what hopefully will be a Championship run.

Who fits that profile? Bart Scott, Jason Brown, Igor Olshansky or Chris Canty if we're going 3-4, Jonathan Vilma and Channing Crowder.  There are no excuses for not signing at least a couple of these guys.  Then, hopefully after another solid draft, and an improved season, we can dive in hard next offseason and sign a couple hole fillers that can get us over the hump.

But the biggest thing I want this post to get across is, please, boys, stop using the cap as an excuse for past moves.  And until we even get within 10 million of the cap, which almost can't happen until 2010 stop using the cap as a line of argument for moves this offseason.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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