Overheard at the NFL Combine

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Obviously, I'm not at the NFL Combine this week in Indianapolis. But courtesy of NFL Draft Scout, we're able to get a hold of some media transcripts, dig through them and pull out the parts related to the Kansas City Chiefs.

This list is neither comprehensive nor particularly telling of what the Chiefs are going to do in the draft. It's not uncommon for the players at the combine to talk with upwards of 20 NFL teams.

Here you go.

Ohio St. OT Alex Boone

Have you talked to Kansas City?

Yes. Very nice guys. I enjoyed talking to them. They just talked about tackle. It was kind of a get to know you, going over plays and schemes.

Virginia OT Eugene Monroe

On former teammate Branden Albert:

We talk on the phone every week. I ask him how he's doing, not just in football, but we have a good relationship.

How did Branden handle going 2-14?

In speaking with him I could tell he wasn't satisfied with the way things were going, but he's just going to keep working to improve things. I'm very proud of him. I've seen the work that he put in - even coming out of high school, nobody knew who he was, so to be drafted in the first round.

I felt that watching his game and working with him for three years together, he showed me how to get to a similar level.

Baylor LT Jason Smith

Talked to Kansas City?

No, I haven't. I talked to the Cincinnati Bengals last night. I didn't talk to Kansas City, I didn't talked to Detroit. I guess they don't want me. (laughing)

More on the team interviews Weds. night:

We had kind of an open deal last night where all the teams, if they wanted to talk to you they could. Detroit didn't talk to me, the Rams didn't talk to me. Neither did the Chiefs. So I guess they didn't want to talk to me.

Ole Miss OT Michael Oher also spoke with the Chiefs last night, as did Tennessee State offensive tackle Cornelius Lewis and Georgia Tech offensive tackle Andrew Gardner.


I'm sure there are more interviews to be reported (or not reported) but here's at least an initial taste of who we're talking to (or not talking to) at the NFL Combine this week. Don't get thrown off by the high number of o-linemen the Chiefs spoke with. Special teams players, kickers, offensive linemen and tight ends were the first to arrive yesterday.

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