Chiefs Pretty Much Finalize Coaching Staff

Chan_gailey_medium Krumrie_medium Bob_bicknell_medium

Courtesy of The Red Zone, we finally have some news on the Kansas City Chiefs coaching front.

The coaches that will be retained are:

  • Offensive coordinator Chan Gailey
  • Defensive line coach Tim Krumrie
  • Offensive line coach Bob Bicknell
  • Assistant offensive line coach Joe D’Alessandris

Those titles are the positions those coaches held the previous season. Adam Teicher at the Red Zone speculates that Bob Bicknell will take over coaching the tight ends, which was formerly the position of John Embree.

And courtesy of the mothership, here are the coaches that have been hired by the Chiefs. They have not been given official titles as of yet but we sure can speculate.

  • Joel Collier, coach with 17 years experience
  • Gary Gibbs, 29 years of experience and most recently was the Saints'  defensive coordinator (2006-08) (Ed. Note: ESPN is reporting that Gibbs will indeed be the defensive coordinator. H/T UC in the comments)
  • Steve Hoffman, 19 years of experience and will likely be the special teams coach
  • Bill Muir, 31 years of experience and most recently served as the offensive coordinator/offensive line coach for Tampa Bay (2002-08)
  • Clancy Pendergast, 14 years of experience and he spent the past five campaigns as a defensive coordinator with Arizona (2004-08)
  • Pat Perles, 2 years of NFL experience and he comes from mostly a college background
  • Dedric Ward, who will likely coach the wide receivers

Read more in detail about each coach here.

Of the seven new hires, Clancy Pendergast and Dedric Ward both came directly from Arizona. Pendergast was fired as the Cardinals defensive coordinator shortly after the Super Bowl.

Here is my speculation on how the Chiefs coaching staff will fill out with these new hires. A couple of those assistant positions may not necessarily be filled.




Defensive Coordinator Gary Gibbs/Clancy Pendergast
Offensive Coordinator Chan Gailey Special Teams Steve Hoffman
Defensive Backs Joel Collier Offensive Line Bob Bicknell/Pat Perles Special Teams Assistant ???
Linebackers Clancy Pendergast/Gary Gibbs
Assistant Offensive Line Joe D'Alessandris Assistant Strength and Conditioning Brent Salazar
Defensive Assistant ??? Tight Ends Bob Bicknell
Strength and Conditioning Cedric Smith
Defensive Line Tim Krumrie Running Backs ???
Manager of Football Operations/Player Development Nate Wainwright
Quarterbacks ???
Wide Receivers Dedric Ward
Assistant Offensive Coach/Quality Control Bill Muir

And now, we wait for the official designation of what coach is going to do what.

We're going to have more info on each set of coaches tomorrow morning.

H/T to JayKC for the news.

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