Is it Time...for a QB Change?

I think the question should be asked what does Matt Cassel do that resembles a starting QB in the NFL. From the beginning his accuracy has been questionable. It’s a rare pass that he throws that the reciever does have to contort his body to make the catch. Rarely does he throw a pass that hits the reciever in stride. I actually think he makes our recievers look bad (Except Mark Bradely and Sean Ryan – they don't need help from Matt). I’d bet that if Brodie or any other starting QB threw the same passes Matt has thrown thus far, the drop number would be half what it is.

The  pass thrown last game to a WIDE OPEN Bobby Wade was slightly off the mark....and it didn’t have to be perfect because nobody was even on the same side of the 50 yard line with him. Bobby took all of the blame but I have reviewed that pass again and again and I still see it as Matt’s error (Dan Fout's assessments are always QB freindly).

While it is true the offensive line has had some protection problems along the way , I think Matt has aggrevated the situation by taking forever to make a decisions. It's obvious that defenses have schemed to play according to his tendencies. They create havoc at the line to draw his attention away from looking down field so he doesn't see the open recievers. When he does have time he appears to hold on to the ball longer than necessary. It could be that he lacks field vision or is just confounded by the coverages.

It's seems that he doesn’t drop back and throw with any sense of rythm and timing. Could it be that he needs to mature alot more than we think to be a starting QB – to play with poise and know when to hang in there and throw with anticipation? While playing time does provide the growth opportunity to mature sometime you have to take a step back and watch somebody else get it done to regain your confidence that the job really can be done well within the confines of the existing circumstances.

From my observation Brodie appears to be a mature, albeit frail QB with much better QB tools than Cassel and I think the difference between them is substantial enough to warrent playing him over Cassel. Brodie has shown, to his detrement, the rocks to stands in the pocket and deliver an accurate pass in the face of the pass rush. It’s obvious to me Brodie’s skillset is recognized by the coaching staff otherwise he would not be there.

Matt couldn't move the team in preseason but the cuprit wasn't as visible then because there were plenty of things to blame. Through the process of elimination and adjustment the chiefs have gotten better. I think changing the QB is one more step in the right direction.

  It's time to take the blinders off and stop making excuses for Matt Cassel because he is a great guy and has some potential. He hasn't had enough experience playing good football at any level to fall back on; to have confidence in himself he can play well in the NFL. Most third string nfl QB's have at least played well somewhere in their football career; they have something to hang their hats on in the face of adversity.

We can't let economics dictate how we proceed. The cost of doing business can blinds us to the true sometimes. If Matt Cassel didn’t cost us so much he may have had an opportunity to sit and mature behind Brodie. 

 Just like the Larry Johnson, Sean Ryan, Mike Cox, and Derrick Johnson situations, it may take plugging somebody else (like Brodie) in there at QB to see what Matt can’t do. We won’t be able to fairly evaluate our team if we don’t take that step.

We need some toughness and smart leadership. Brodie, to keep coming back the way he does, shows me plenty of that…I’d play my butt off for a guy like that. I ‘d fight for him too. You don’t see our lineman too eager to help Matt up off the ground. Let Brodie Play and watch our catch/drop ratio go down.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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