Summary of Kansas City Chiefs Power Rankings - Week 14 edition

Good afternoon AP!

Welcome to the Week 14 edition of the KC Chiefs Power rankings summary.

After back-to-back divisional asskickings, the Chiefs have continued their downward spiral down the rankings...but there is relief in the horizon! This week we face the Toronto Buffalo Bills which is a winnable game and then in 2 more weeks we face the Eric Mangini-led Cleveland Browns. These 2 games IMO are must wins if we are to say this year has been a success...ESPECIALLY the Cleveland game. I'm not sure my fandom can survive Erin Mangini losses in back-to-back years.

 Anyhoo, on to the rankings...

Spoiler Alert: Not alot of nice things are said about Matt Cassel

CNNSI - Don Banks - 28 (Previous Week 27)

Silver linings are few and far between for the Chiefs this season. It's hard to identify a strength to build on, given that only Oakland and Cleveland have scored fewer points in the AFC than Kansas City's 196, and nobody in the conference has allowed as many points as the Chiefs' 326. Plenty of work still to be done for Scott Pioli and Todd Haley.


ESPN - Paul Kuharsky- 28 (Previous Week 27)

The Chiefs are reeling after a 31-point home loss to Denver

FOX Sports - Adrian Hasenmayer - 28 (Previous Week 27) 

Back-to-back wins over the Raiders and Steelers may have given them hope. But getting crushed by a combined 87-27 the last two weeks by the Chargers and Broncos returned the Chiefs to their reality that they are still likely two years from having a shot to compete for a playoff spot

CBS Sportsline - Pete Prisco - 28 (Previous Week 26)

Is Matt Cassel the answer? He sure doesn't look like it. The Chiefs might have made a mistake.

NFL Fanhouse -  29 (Previous Week 24)

A lot of people -- myself included -- thought the Chiefs were a little underrated and potentially poised to play late-season spoiler against some lesser quality opponents on the schedule. But KC debunked that silly myth with a beating at the hands of the Broncos Sunday in a game that saw franchise QB Matt Cassel lob up a 14.2 (!) passer rating en route to being yanked from the game for Brodie Croyle

WalterFootball -  28 (Previous Week 27)

Easily one of the saddest displays I've ever seen. The Chiefs looked completely horrible on both sides of the line of scrimmage against the Broncos. Denver was pushing Kansas City's linemen around so easily it looked like a high school team was trying to battle an NFL squad.

By the way, if you haven't noticed, Matt Cassel hasn't taken as many sacks lately. That's because he's now trying to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible rather than get hurt.

Cassel was never good to begin with, but it looks like Scott Pioli and Todd Haley have ruined him. He's been sacked so much that he's past the Marc Bulger Threshold, which is the barrier where a quarterback begins to think, "Aww, f*** it, I don't care if this pass is intercepted, I just don't want to be sacked again."

So its almost a consensus that the Chiefs are the 28th best team in football right now, not sure I can argue with them. Well thanks for reading.



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