AP Fantasy Football Update- Playoff Edition

Well the regular season of AP Fantasy Football has passed us by and it's time for the playoffs to start. We've had great participation within all six leagues this year(thank you for that) with an average of just under 2 teams per league being MIA consistently. So it's time for AP playoffs to start to see who is the true champion. 

As it's set up on the ESPN website there are only four teams per league participating in the playoffs with a format of a cummulative score over a two week period deciding who will proceed to the next round. Because participation is high and there was quite a bit of interest to use our own format for the playoffs, we will expand the playoffs and alter the format a bit. The ESPN leagues will still be used as a "scorekeeper" but I will put the schedule and weekly scoreboard in a post on each leagues forum as well as post it on the AP site.

Instead of two rounds of two weeks and only four teams participating we will go with a one week "divisional round", a one week "conference championship" round and then a two week cummulative "superbowl championship" round. This will allow us to include eight teams in our playoffs instead of four and have most everyone participating over the next few weeks.

The playoff teams will be determined by using the top 3 teams from each division as well as two next best "wildcard" teans from the remaining teams using NFL tie breaker rules. Again the schedule for the playoffs will be listed on a post in each league(as well as below) so you need to check who you are playing because its more then likely not who you are scheduled to play at ESPN. I'll keep up with posts on each league site and here as much as possible to make this as simple as possible.

One last note. If there is a team or teams that have not been actively participating over the last three weeks of the season and do not actively set a roster for the first round of the playoffs their team will be disqualified, forfeiting the game to whoever they are playing based on the schedule.

Below is the first week schedule as well as how the leagues panned out statistically to get a comparison of how they fared versus each other.


Divisional Playoffs

Springfield ktr17x(1st in Divison 2, 10-3) vs. Haley's Killbots(Wildcard, 6-7)

J Comp11(2nd in Division 2, 6-7) vs.New Orleans Scrubs(3rd in Division 2, 6-7)

Generic Brand(1st in Division 1, 9-4) vs, Iowa KC Nate(Wildcard, 6-7)

KCMO BleedingBlood(2nd in Division 1, 7-6) vs. St. Louis Paxi(3rd in Divison 1, 6-7)

Thanks to SD Team Zaus and Montana MTCHIEF for your participation. In this league the teams averaged 88.25 points each per week. No team is heading into the playoffs with more then a two game winning streak. Iowa KC Nate looking for an upset as they come in winning their last two as GB has lost their last two including a week 13 loss to KC Nate.


Divisional Playoffs

Jason Shore(1st in Division 1, 9-4) vs.Monnett Drillers(Wildcard, 5-7-1)

Indy Chiefs(2nd in Division 1, 7-6) vs. Northwest Chiefs(3rd in Divison 1, 6-7)

ICT Jux(1st in Divison 2, 8-4-1) vs. The Stagmeisters(Wildcard, 5-6-2)

Iowa Troy Drake(2nd in Division 2, 7-4-2) vs. Buster McThunderstick(3rd in Division 2, 7-6)

Thanks Missouri CPT Caveman for participating. This league featured more ties then I can ever remember seeing in Fantasy Football and I know I've never seen two teams with two ties each. Arrowheadd II's teams average 85.68 points each per week. No team heads into the playoffs with more then a two game winning streak.


Divisional Playoffs

AP Hastingsg7(1st in Divison 1, 11-2) vs. AP SoCalChiefs(Wildcard, 5-8)

Seth C's First File(2nd in Divison 1, 7-6) vs. DT Franchise(3rd in Divison 1, 5-8)

AP KCchiefs58(1st in Division 2, 9-4) vs. Missouri Jayhawks(Wildcard, 6-7)

Brooklyn Chief(2nd in Divison 2, 7-6) vs. Team Ganja(3rd in Divison 2, 6-7)

Thanks Leafs in Deep Thought for participating this season. This league's teams averaged 87.35 points each per week. AP Hastings heads into the playoffs with a truly impressive ten game winning streak.


Divisonal Playoffs

Halifax Red Nose(1st in Division 1, 8-5) vs. Joplin Fart Pickles(Wildcard, 5-8)

SGV Worc(2nd in Divison 1, 8-5) vs. Generic Brand(3rd in Divison 1, 7-6)

SW Iowa Helmets(1st in Divison 2, 8-5) vs. SIU Chiefin' Chiefs(Wildcard, 7-6)

Herm Edwards' Clock Managers(2nd in Division 2, 8-5) vs.KCMO's Saints Sinners(3rd in Division 2, 7-6)

Thanks KCPorkchops and Tacoma Chiefs for participating, KCPorkchops just barely didn't make it in in the most competive league out of the six where parity was strong with 7 teams finishing within a game of eachother. Arrowhead Pride IV's teams averaged 85.92 points each per week. With this kind of parity the playoffs here are wide open.


Divisional Playoffs

Average Gatsbys(1st in Divison 2, 9-4) vs. Cherokee Chiefs(Wildcard, 5-8)

Denver Chiefs KC(2nd in Division 2, 9-4) vs. Kansas City Bowe Show(3rd in Divison 2, 8-5)

Kalo's 15 on the field(1st in Division 1, 9-4) vs. Navy Goat Locker(Wildcard, 6-7)

Generic Brand(2nd in Divison 1, 7-6) vs. KC Ninjas(3rd in Division 1, 6-7)

Thanks to Sandiego Ghost of DT and The Devilman for participating in the league. This leagues teams averaged 84.78 points each per week with Average Gatsbys leading the way with an impressive 101.3 points/week. Interesting playoff matchup to watch will be the Gatsbys vs. Cherokee as the latter enters the playoffs on three game winning streak and averaging 106 points/week over that stretch. The Bowe Show managed to finish 4th overall in this league despite scoring a league low 73.9 points/game.


Divisonal Playoffs

Generic Brand(1st in Divison 1, 9-4) vs. OP Dono(WIldcard, 5-7-1)

Sask Watch(2nd in Division 1, 9-4) vs. KC Masterpiece(3rd in Division 1, 8-5)

SD Robot Chief(1st in Divison 2, 9-4) vs. Calgary Chieffanforlife(Wildcard, 6-6-1)

KCSatchmo's Renegade Nuns(2nd in Divison 2, 6-6-1) vs. Lee's Summit Nuts(3rd in Division 2, 6-7)

Thanks to Tacoma Chiefs and KCK 2 Peas for participation. KCK 2 Peas wins this years Ryan Succop award of being last with a 1-12 record and also from this league Generic Brand put up the most points of all participants in AP FF this season with 1327 over 13 games. This league's teams averaged 85.86 points each per week. Sask Watch comes into the playoffs with the most momentum with a four game win streak.

There you have it up to this points as we prepare for the AP playoffs to unfold. A few regular season awards to list as Arrowhead Pride goes home with the distinction of scoring the most points this year of any league at a weekly average per person of 88.25. AP Hastingsg7 wins the award for best overall record at 11-2 as well as best winning streak which is still in progress at 10 in a row, KCK 2 Peas goes home with the Succop award for last place and a 1-12 record as well as the fewest points scored at 66.07 points/game, KC Bowe Show was a close second in that category at just over 73 points/game but still somehow managed an 8-5 record while Generic Brand's 1327 points were the most of any participant.

Still alot to determine as the playoffs begin with DTReigns(Haley's KillBots) still in the hunt for repeat champion. More info to be posted next week when the Conference playoff schedule is set and the final four of each league duke it out. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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