Breaking Down the Chiefs and Broncos Tape - O-Line


The Kansas City Chiefs dropped a second egg against the Denver Broncos.  It was hard as a fan to watch a game like that, let alone two in a row, and come away with positives.

If you are a fan looking for a positive, any positive, from last weeks might be reading the right post.  The Denver game was the best our offensive lineman have performed since I started grading them.  Especially when it came to pass protection. 

So what was the problem against Denver?  This post is not going to venture into that topic.  It will, however, let you know how the offensive line performed against the Broncos on every play for every lineman in the first three quarters.  The film never lies.

Observations after reviewing the film:

  1. The offensive lineman had their best game since I have been grading them.  This is the time I am glad I grade these guys to show that despite the impression many fans walked away with on Sunday...the line really did do a good job.
  2. The backs missed at least 3 blitz pickups.
  3. When the Chiefs cut block they are not very affective.  Most are seen on backside and on quick throws play-side.  The backside cuts are the worst...they have little affect because the o-lineman does not get enough of the defender.
  4. Charles is just the type of runner this line needs.  Hope he can hold up to the pounding.
  5. Center and Right Guard are still concerns.
  6. O'Callaghan was almost perfect going into the 3rd quarter except for 2nd level blocks (which are difficult).  Then he fell apart.  Missed 4 of 5 run blocks and 2 of 4 pass blocks at one point.
  7. Even though I did not grade the WR.  I can say with some confidence that the WR group may be the worst area, now, when it comes to blocking.
  8. I changed the RB Double column to a Reach Block column.  So now I am showing how many times the o-lineman was successful at reach blocking the defender next to him.
  9. Cottom was in on more run plays but was rarely at he point of attack.  Pope received that honor.  

Here are the grades from first three quarters against the Denver Broncos :


                              DENVER BRONCOS

Albert 90% -- 3 of 4 93% 100% 1
Waters 90% 85% 5 of 6 98% 100% 2
Niswanger 78% 85% 2 of 3 95% 100% 5
Smith 78% 70% 2 of 2 86% 100% 6
O'Callaghan 78% -- 0 of 3 89% 100% 1
Pope 75% -- -- 80% -- 2
Cottam 100% -- -- -- 100% --



Great job offensive line.  Both Albert and Waters topped the ninety percent mark in both run blocking and pass blocking.


Pic Source

Pic Source



I am starting a new, fun, award for this post.  It is called the "Driven by Miss Daisy Award".  It will be the top lineman who has the most 'Driven' tallies for that game.  This week the winner is...


Pic Source

Pic Source




Previous grades for Chargers 2nd gameSteelers gameRaiders gameJaguars gameChargers 1st game for those of you that would like to track progress.


GP Player Top Grade Award
# of Drivens
5 Albert 1
6 Waters
6 Niswanger 0
3 Smith 0
6 O'Callaghan 2
3 Pope 1
2 Cottom 0
2 Alleman 0







Here's how the grading works:

  • Each offensive lineman was given a "+" for doing their job or a "-" for failing to do their job on each play.
  • These pluses and minuses were grouped into the type of block they were asked to do, e.g., a run block solo (RB Solo), a run block double team (RB Double), or a pass block solo (PB Solo), etc.
  • A "D", for "driven", was assigned every time a player was manhandled during a pass or run play.
  • The quality of the lineman's play is represented as a percentage above.  The higher the percentage the better the lineman did.
  • I tried to be very strict...I think Haley would want it that way.
  • One important note, some plays were unclear as to who exactly did not do their job, e.g., a defensive tackle going unblocked at the line of scrimmage.  Was it the centers fault?  The guards fault?  In these cases it was clear that a mistake was made and the player that looked to be most at fault was assigned the blame.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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