Coaching Staff Evaluation, who should stay and who should go.

For this post I looked into past history and what I've seen on the field this year as my referance to determining what I feel is best for the team.


Head Coach - Todd Haley, I wanted him and think he is right man for the job.


Assistant Head Coach -  Maurice Carthon, Very good RB coach and I really like him stay with same label.


Offensive Cordinator - Needed Haley should bring in another assistant or Charlie Weis to take over.


Defensive Cordinator - Clancy Pendergast, secondary and DC, FAIL at both NEEDS to go. Crennel first choice.


Defensive Assistant - Ronnie Bradford, a positive could move to DB coach.


Special Teams - Hoffman, Excellent coach will stay.


Offensive Line - Bill Muir, good O-Line coach should stay.


Assistant O-Line - D'Alessandris, a positive good O-Line coach.  Up to Haley and Pioli if both Muir and D'Alessandris stay.


Defensive Line - Krumrie, could go either way I personally like him and think he should stay.


QB Coach - could be brought in to take some weight off Haley.


HB - Carthon controls this area well no need to bring in someone.


WR Coach - Dedric Ward,  should stay.


Tight Ends - Bob Bicknell, Average coach very possible to upgrade.


LB Coach - Gary Gibbs, is a good LB coach. Could stay, could go either way.


Strenth and Conditioning - Cedric Smith, good S&C coach.


Assistant S&C - Salazar good results this year no opinion other than the team looks conditioned well.


Defensive Quality Control - Pat Perles, decent coach seems more acclimated to Offense than Defence though.


Offensive Quality Control - Nick Sirianni, ? ? ? I don't know could go could stay.

That is what I see. I feel we should bring in an OC, a DC, and a QB coach.

possibly bring in TE, and DB coach as well. 


I want to know how the rest of AP feels about our Coaching Staff. What changes need to be made?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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