AP Power Rankings Week: DT Week Edition!


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I usually do a lengthy write up to introduce the Power Rankings. My being busier at work as really cut into the hours and hours of free time I used to be able to devote to AP so I am going to keep it short and sweet this week.

I despise the Donkey’s more than any of our rivals. I grew up in the  late 80’s and 90’s and had to suffer the indignities of the Hellway Era. The day after the Chiefs lost to the Donkey’s 14-10 in the playoffs I didn’t go to school the next day.

God as my witness I will do everything I can to use my brain waves to single handily ensure a Chiefs victory this Sunday. There are some scientists who believe that the power of group thought, some might call it prayer, can actually have a physical impact on the world we live in. I don’t know if I buy this type of talk but for this weekend I am going to try. Thus I am going to ask you all a favor this week. From this moment forward I want you to start believing the Chiefs are going to win this weekend. I went into the Pittsburgh game with absolutely no hope and I am ashamed of it but I am not asking you to hope the Chiefs win. I am asking you to believe the Chiefs will win. Start right now. "Just two days till the Chiefs stomp the Broncos." "The Chiefs WILL win this weekend." Keep all the negatives out of your mind. Don’t think about the past two seasons. Don’t even think about last week’s loss. Think only about how Charles is going to blow into the secondary, how Cassel and Chambers are going to burn Denver’s DB’s. Think about Succupp blasting 50 yard FG’s and Haley calling brilliant, timely plays. Let’s all focus all our energy and all out positive thoughts on OUR Kansas City Chiefs and on Arrowhead Stadium.  

This is it. Teams aren’t going to walk on the Chiefs anymore. I’ve had enough, I am willing to bet you’ve had enough and I know damn well the boys in the locker room have had enough.

Scream louder, cheer harder, drink one more beer and for the love of God, BEAT THE DONKEY’S!

1. Saints

For anyone that even thought for whatever reason that a 10-0 team was still a pretender a complete dismantling of the Pats should remove any doubt.

2. Colts

They are playing with fire. I think they will lose once in the next 3 weeks.

3. Vikings

How exciting is the NFC Championship going to be!?!?!?!?!?!


They've won 6 in a row, yet their stadium has thousands of empty seats and they need league assistance  to avoid blackouts. The ultimate bandwagon team.  Stay classy, Los Angl--I mean, San Diego.

5. Bengals

The Bengals probably need to win 2 of their last 5 to lock up the AFC North as they own all the tie breakers. They can get one this Sunday against the Lions but after that it gets a little tougher with games against the Vikings, Chargers, Chiefs and Jets.

6. Cowboys

Everyone is watching to see if the late-season collapse happens again this year. Phillips' job likely depends on it.

7. Patriots

They got crushed on both sides of the ball against the Saints. Brees out played Brady in every way. This week is a must win against the Phins.

8. Cardinals

Based on last week's game, I am ready to vote Kurt Warner league MVP. The Cardinals are not the same with Leinart at the helm.

9. Packers

If I was a Packer fan I don't know what I'd be more upset about...missing the playoffs or losing to Brett Favre a 3rd time in the divisional playoffs

10. Eagles

If the injuries don't continue to mount up they might have an impact in the playoffs.

11. Steelers

The Champs are still in at but at this point they can only afford to lose about one game the rest of the way. With the Ravens and Packers still on the schedule 9-7 won't cut it for the Steelers.

12. Donkeys

BIG Thanksgiving win over the Giants.  Now they head into Arrowhead Stadium where they've had almost NO success in them month of December.

13. Ravens

It will be a dog fight till the end for the Ravens. They have to get by the Packers and the Steelers if they want to taste the postseason.

14. Titans

The hottest team in the NFL. This team could win out. They have the mojo.

15. Falcons

This team is still in the pretender list. What would've been an appropriate loss to the lowly Bucs would've propelled this team to where they belong in the rankings.

16. Giants

Wow. One of the biggest disappointments of the second half of this season. Doesn't seem to be much hope for them this season.

17. Jaguars

Devastating loss in regards to their playoff chances.

18. Texans

Will this team ever get it? I doubt it. i think they need a new voice.

19. Dolphins

Their defense struggles and need to get better for a wildcard run.  They Bills walked all over their defense.

20. 49ers

Smith looked great tearing apart the Jags. If Arizona slips just a bit, the 49ers are going to jump back in the race for the West

21. Jets

They looked horrible against the Panthers but sadly it didn't take much to beat the Panthers.  The J-E-T-S need to step their game up.

22. Panthers

Not that you need a strategy to beat the Panthers but the Jets "exposed"(term used loosely) them by sticking 9 in the box and making Delhomme air it out. Scary stat of the week: Delhomme 14/34 78 yards(inc sack yards) to his teamates and 4/34 84 yards to the Jet Defenders.

The Dreaded Pittsburgh Pirates Division

Congratulations to the Seahawks on obtaining the #1 spot in the DPPD. The Chiefs, following their blowout loss to the Chargers lost the confidence of our voters and they are back in the 5 spot. Although I believe a win over the division rival Donkey's might be enough to help them climb to at least the top spot. With games against the Bills and Browns looming the Chiefs need to make their move now.

1. (23.) Seahawks

Does beating up the Rams really count as a win? It does if you're the Seahawks (or the Chiefs for that matter)

2. (24.) Bears

Now even Brian Urlacher is throwing Jay Cutler under the bus. I almost feel sorry for him...actually...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH SCREW YOU WHINEY EMO PUNK

3. (25.) Bills

They rarely look good but against the Dolphins they looked like studs.  Sadly, they'll return to form this week.

4. (26.) Redskins

Is anybody even paying attention to them anymore? They might as well put in the JV and wait for next year.

5. (27.) Chiefs

The Broncos gallop into Arrowhead to face a conundrum of a KC squad. After Todd Haley's "signature" win, KC fought hard in San Diego before succumbing to mistake after mistake.  KC has the historical edge on Denver, in Arrowhead, in December, so an "upset" could be likely.  Either way, chances of this being a great game are high.

6. (28.) Faiders

A predictable loss to the Cowboys on Thanksgiving day before rolling into Pittsburgh. Could the Raiders make it 4-losses in a row for the Steelers?

7. (29.) Lions

This team actually is built pretty well on the offensive side of the ball. The defense on the other hand is terrible.

8. (30.)Buccaneers          

Coulda, shoulda, woulda...anyone still want Connor Barth back?

9. (31.) Rams

The Rams only lost by 10 points this time around against Seattle. In week one they lost by 28. That's improvement you can hang your hat on.

10. (32.) Browns

Usually changing coaches too much causes too much chaos for a team but make no mistake, the Browns will only improve once "Man Genius" is fire

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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