My All Decade Team

Hey guys I put together what I think should be the all decade team.  I put in two different fronts on defense because I think positions are so specialized that other players that should make it would be cut short.  Also, I kept them at their purest positions, meaning I didn't put Roaf at RT because he was a LT.  Tell me what you think and give me your guys as well.

Offensive Line

J Ogden (LT), S Hutchinson (LG), K Mawee (C), W Shields (RG), W Anderson (RT)

Offensive Skill Players

T Brady (QB), R Moss (WR), M Harrison (WR), T Gonzolaz (TE), L Tomlinson (RB), T Richardson (FB)

Defensive Front 7 (4-3)

J Peppers (RE), W Sapp (UT), J Henderson (DT), M Strahan (LE)

D Brooks (SLB), B Urlacher (MLB), K Bullock (WLB)

Defensive Front 7 (3-4)

Ty Warren (LDE), J Williams (NT), R Seymour (RDE)

J Porter (SOLB), P Willis (SILB), R Lewis (WILB), D Ware (WOLB)

Defensive Secondary

C Bailey (CB), R Barber (CB), T Polomalu (SS), E Reed (FS)

Special Teamers

A Vinitari (K), S Lechler (P), Mannelly (LS), J Cribbs (R), Osgood (G)


Bill Bilichick


     There may be some players on there you haven't head of so I'll give some background.  The right tackle is Willie Anderson formally of the Bengals.  He was a team leader and probably the best right tackle throught of the decade at least in my opinion.  John Henderson is the big defensive tackle from Jacksonville.  Haynesworth only had two great seasons in the decade and I don't think he deserves it.  Mannelly is the long snapper for the Chicago Bears.  He has played every game this decade and has never delivered a snap high or low.  Osgood is the gunner for the Chargers and he considered the best in the league at that.  I put Cribbs ahead of Hester because he has been more consistent whereas Hester blew up for two season.  Also, I have more impressed with Cribbs returns in terms of style.  The hardest position to decide on was the 2nd CB.  I really wanted to put Woodson on, but he was mediocre during the first part of the decade in Oakland.  Ty Law wasn't in his prime either in the last half of the decade.  Asomugha and Revis emerged too late so I went the most consistent guy in Barber.  He definately the best cover 2 corner of the decade and brings things to the table like blitzing that others don't.  I have three Chiefs on the list and I don't think they are homer picks whatsoever.  There is no debate with Tony G.  I can't think of a better guard in the decade than Shields and he retired after 06.  The man is a hall of famer.  And Tony Richardson is one of those quiet players who probably did his job better than anyone else.  I think L Neal is his only competition at the position.  Richardson is still playing with the Jets, he was with the Vikings before that.  So tell me what you think and where the team could be improved. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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