Jamaal Charles just may be THE best RB in the NFL hands down.

I got to tell you that the more I watch Jamaal run, the more raw talent I see. This guy is incredible. He has no rival IMO other than Chris Johnson. But I think he reminds me of Chris Johnson. A lot. The way he patiently waits for a lane to open up. Even if no lane opens you EVER and I mean EVER see Jamaal fall backwards? No. Because he can quickly identify when there is NO running lane and he just dives head first into the pile and drives ahead for at least 2 yards.

Sometimes, it looks to me at first glance that he only gets back to the line of scrimmage. But then it turns out he gains 2 or 3 yards. How? There is nothing there. But he finds a way somehow. And he's raw. Really really raw. Like never been a starter raw. Like picking up where LJ left off halfway thru a season raw. Like WOW!

I cannot believe he is the leading the league in his past 4 games. If he runs for 139 yards against Denver, he will break 1000 yards rushing. After only starting half a season. And behind OUR offensive line no less. Can you even fathom what this kid could do with a pro bowl calibre offensive line and a passing game? Can you really?

Folks we could have a player here in Charles that would put the Chiefs back on the map. Much like CJ does for the Titans. Much like AJ does for the Texans. I can't even fathom what we could have here in Charles with a good team surrounding him. He could carry us into the playoffs on his shoulders alone.

This opens up some very different options for Pioli in the offseason now. We do not have to get that RB we thought we needed when LJ was here. We don't have to spend every ounce of effort on the offense this offseason. Just a couple of guys who can actually catch the ball would be enough behind Jamaal's colossal efforts at RB to give us a very solid second year rebuilding team offense.

We can concentrate on the defense now. Almost solely. Not completely, but mainly. What a relief this is for us. What a game changer this is to have Charles here. He has single handedly reshaped the way we will draft this offseason no doubt.

I also feel as though there were times this season, after we were completely eliminated from any playoff chances, that Haley shifted the way he played this team. There were times that it was obvious if Haley would have just simply handed the ball to Charles over and over non-stop in the red zone that he would have scored. Undoubtedly. I know Haley knows that. But Haley demands that all players become great. That all players become play makers when called upon. So many times I felt that Haley intentionally did not got to Charles in the red zone because he wanted to see what his Qb and receivers were made of. There was way too much evaluation that needed to be done before season's end not to test those guys like that. Not to just take the easy way out and give the ball to Charles constantly.

Haley seems to want a complete team on offense. No excuses. And I felt that on several occasions, he too would have gone to Charles IF we had any chance at the playoffs what so ever. But at some point he needed to see what the other guys could do when called upon. So we would know and have a clear picture of what we needed going forward. I mean what if Charles is injured? Can you count on your QB and your receivers to get the ball in the end zone? If not you need to find that out now when we are already way out of the running and it does not matter anymore whether we win or lose as far as the playoffs are concerned. Hence, good bye Mark Bradley. Hello Chris Chambers. etc. I think this was good for us in the long run.

I wouldn't trade Charles for Chris Johnson or Adrian Pederson. He hasn't even sprouted wings yet. This guy hasn't even hit his stride yet. He's still learning and growing. OMG he is going to set records for us, and not the kind we've been setting as of late.

Charles is our superstar. Out of all our draft picks, he is the ONE. We can build a team around him like they did in Minnesota. Only we have Cassel, who despite his erroneous ways this year, is certainly a better QB than Tarvarus Jackson is. So we need that defense now folks. So we can get the ball back to Jamaal next year and let him win us games. Don't you just love this guy?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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