3/4 breakdown - 4/3 breakdown. Which D is Better?

3/4 front 7 compared to 4/3 front seven what it takes to play there and what assignments go with it.


NT The single most important position in the 3/4.

must be super strong and big. Have ability to handle atleast the Center and one guard trying to push you around every play and not move without a 3rd player helping.

DEs Must be strong players who will draw a double team if the play is comming their way. Should also have ability to push the pocket in a bull pass rush.

My nock on the 3/4 even with a very good front three ILBs are still going to have to beat a G on most plays.

OLBs must have good pass rush skills to beat OTs, Also have to be able to stop screens and miss direction plays. It is hard to find players for this role. They also are responsible for not giving TE free release.

ILBs must be able to COVER and must be able to take on O-Line players and still make plays. Probably the hardest players to find period as they should have sideline to sideline speed and enough size to handle OGs.  


DTs Have to be able to handle double teams and should have ability to bull rush the passer. Line up over the G and keep them from getting to the second level if you have a dominant DT someone who fits the mold of a NT the Center won't even be able to release to the second level.

DEs Should be good Pass rushers with ability to stop the run. Line up over the OT and keep them from releasing to the second level is also part of their job. giving the TE a shove and not allowing free release.

Played properly up front LBs do not have to fight off O-Lineman. That is why I like the 4 man front. 

OLBs Have sideline to sideline speed ability to make sure tackles, have good coverage ability, will have the TE in man situations. Easier to find than 3/4 OLBs or ILBs.

MLB Is your playmaker sideline to sideline speed good coverage ability and be a sure tackler. Still easier to find than 3/4 ILBs Williams fits really good at any 4/3 position and no where in the 3/4.

LBs are more playmakers with good tackling ability with freedom to make plays and SIZE is not an issue for the most part as they are not taking on O-Lineman that makes me like the 4/3.

Looking at the fronts in these two Ds I would prefer the 4/3 as it should be easier to play consistant football in the 4/3. and easier to build a dominant 4/3 team than it is to build a dominant 3/4 team.

Looking at the Players already on our roster what our front could be for a 4/3 as we know what we have for the 3/4.

LE Hali,Magee,Vrabel DT Jackson,Edwards DT Dorsey,Magee,Gales RE Gillberry,Magee,Studebaker We would have many options here and running 4/3 Suh would be the #1 pick up as Jackson can play DE. or a backup. Yep I said it and think that is all he was really worth 4/3 DT or depth.

could use another dominant pass rusher but think Gillberry with his stats this year would be very good in a 4/3 at DE

LOLB, Williams,Mays  MLB Williams,DJ,Mays,(NEEDED) OLB DJ,Mays some say we need one I love DJ here myself.

Our LBs would be more effective in this line-up and we would need less in the draft with ALOT more options of who to get. could wait later to get them. or just McClain or Spikes in the first. 

What changes for the secondary after the jump.

CBs its the same for them for the most part.

SS in the 3/4 since I already talked about the LBs taking on O-Lineman on almost every play is why a Polaumalu or Ed Reed is so important to the 3/4 such as the importance Pollard would of been to our D. A run stopper on most running plays as the LBs are going to get tied up by O-Lineman must be able to read this and react fast to it. Be a sure tackler fast enough to play up close to the line and still get back for deep help in coverage why Pollard was not a good fit SPEED. Same thing with McGraw good in run help most of the time but not fast enough to be all over the field. Next to NT the most important position in a 3/4. Example being how many tackles Brown had against Cinci.

SS in the 4/3 should be good in coverage while being able to come up and blitz and be a solid tackler in the open field as in the 4/3 the only time your safeties should be making plays in the run game is when they get an excellent read on a play or someone else misses their assignment. A true safety valve ahhh the name of the position Safety another reason I prefer the 4/3.   

FS 3/4 as I mentioned twice now LBs are consantly going to be taking on O-Line players so even your coverage safety must be able to read and react to run plays. Why I think we have been beat deep so many times this year. FS in a 3/4 must mimic a SS in the 3/4. Example same as above # of tackles Brown had agains Cinci.

FS 4/3 is primarily help for coverage can be a real differance maker if he has great ball skills. Also will cover TEs and Slot WRs in situations. still needs to be a sure open field tackler. but most important is ball skills in the passing game.

After all that I would definatly prefer to run the 4/3 also with more teams running the 3/4 now teams are getting better game plans against it, and making in my opinion the 4/3 even better.

So our players fit the 4/3 better we need alot of attention to the O-Line and Offense. It could be smart for us to run the 4/3 next year even if eventual plan is to be a 3/4 team. It will be very hard to get all the pieces in just this off season to make both sides of the ball improve enough to compete for the playoffs next year trying to run the 3/4.  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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