Waters might retire what then?

 Every one keeps talking about us moving Waters or what his role will be next year. In my opinion Waters has been healthy for most of his carear he really struggled staying healthy this year and had to depend on his toughness alot.I see the odds of Waters being done pretty high somewhere between 60 - 80% odds of him hanging it up.  With that being said we must assume the need to fill his post.

That line of thinking has actually had alot to do with my mock drafts. I have not put that into line-up changes but is VERY likely senario. With that thinking the Probability of moving Albert to Guard goes up quite a bit. so I do see us needing LT or LG since we all agree Albert would be Pro-Bowl quality Guard and an excellent replacment for Waters and the fact that this regime did not draft Albert as their LT it is a likely move.

With that we would need LT, C, RG, and possible upgrade at RT. That is why I am laying heavy on a 1st rd O-Lineman. also with the moves down in Florida the odds of Major Wright being available in the draft goes up alot and that would make this from a deep draft at S to a Very deep draft at S. We also brought in Langford who I think is a very good football player with starter potential and with Brown already on the roster even if he is just an average player now witch yesterday he played way above average the need for another safety is way down.

It also does not appear this staff would mind one bit taking a 15-20 ranked player in the top 5 if they think they fit the mold of the right 53. All that into consideration I find it less likely we would take Berry even if he is available. I see it more likely we take Spiller, Byant, Cody, OLB more than 1 option, McClain, or an OT. With Pioli background of building from the trenches I see most likely senario being OT or Cody in the first.

Also behind a good Line everyone looks better from top to bottom. Wether your talking O-Line or D-Line. I could see us going with Line additions with 3 of our first 4 picks easy. NT being one of them and O-Line being the other 3.

Something Like  

1 Davis, Okung, Baluga,

2 Iupati, Black

2 Weisnewski, Walton,

3 Johnson ILB, Norwood OLB, or several other options

4 Powe, Troupe, Boo Robinson,

5 Brown, or other option at  RB

5 Riley Cooper or other WR

5 TE/LB/S/KR,PR depending on FA moves.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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