2010 Mock Draft & Free Agency (12/27/09)

DISCLAIMER: If you do not enjoy mock drafts, then this may not be the article for you. If you decide to continue reading, please read the article in its entirety before attacking.


So, I am on my 5th mock off season, and this one is based on the Chiefs drafting 3rd overall. I will go into detail about every player selected. But before I dive in, ill explain the logic behind my selections.

After watching the Kansas City Chiefs in 2009, I have realized a few things. The team lacks speed on both sides of the ball. They also lack the physicality that one needs to become a playoff team. The offense often exhibits poor execution, and lacks quality interior offensive linemen. The defense is missing a very key element, talent! Have you ever wondered why you see massive substitutions on defense, on 3rd and passing downs? Well its because the Chiefs lack every down players. I think that the Chiefs front office should focus on defense in the draft, and pay equal attention to both sides of the ball in free agency. After the jump, I will try and select (realistic) players that I feel will remedy the issues that have plagued the KC Chiefs all season.


2010 Free Agency


1. NT, Ryan Pickett  Age: 30, Height: 6'2, Weight: 340 lbs.

Nose tackle is the biggest need for the Chiefs, and it must be addressed this offseason. Ron Edwards is constantly being pushed out of the play, creating cut back lanes for opposing runningbacks, and is often blocked by one linemen. What the Chiefs need is, a player who can take on mulitple blockers, and hold his ground. Pickett has led the Green Bay Packers to one of the top run defenses in the league. He is a big boy who can take on two blockers, and allow our linebackers to shoot the gaps. Pickett can be a nice 4-5 year player for us. 


2. ILB, Karlos Dansby Age: 28, Height: 6'4, Weight: 250 lbs.

The Arizona Cardinals are notoureously known for being cheap. They have ALOT of key free agents in 2010, and will not be able to, or want to pay them all. Dansby is a very experienced 3-4 ILB, that brings leadership to the field. He can play the run and pass equally, and is a very good blitzer up the middle. His familiarity with the defensive scheme would not only help his transition, but it would help the other linebackers. The Chiefs need their ILB's to be every down players, and Demorrio, Belcher, Mays, and DJ simply are not. Not longer will the Chiefs need to shuffle their LB's on 2nd and 3rd downs with Dansby in the middle.



3. FS, O.J. Atogwe Age: 27, Height: 6'1, Weight: 200 lbs.

It has been a long time since the Chiefs have had a safety who could come up to the line, play the run effectively, and make the tackle, and drop back and play the deep ball. Atogwe can do both. He is also a big time play maker. Atogwe is possibly the must underrated defensive player in the league. Pioli and Haley like versatile players, and thats just what Atogwe is, versatile. The deep ball and big runs have bitten the Chiefs in the butt often this year. McGraw and Brown have played decent, but neither are NFL caliber starters. Brown can be a nice backup, and McGraw can be a dedicated special teams player. Atogwe is a huge upgrade.



4. OC, Nick Cole Age: 26, Height: 6'0, Weight: 350 lbs.

There are not very many options at the Center position in free agency, but we need to find one. Cole is used to playing with a mobile QB who holds onto the ball in order to make plays. I originally had Justin Hartwig slotted here, but he recently reigned. Cole is the perfect fit. Now, I do realize Cole is a big boy. He would have to work himself into shape in order to execute the way Haley wants his Oline to execute.



5. TE, Anthony Fasano Age: 25, Height: 6'5, Weight: 255 lbs.

In the first 7 games, Sean Ryan gave us fans many headaches. At the tight end position, Ryan led the entire league in sacks given up through the first half of the season. Haley made the adjustment, and appropriately benched him. In the second half of the season we have seen Pope and Cottam playing TE for the Chiefs. While both of these guys have improved the quality of play at the position, neither are the long term answer. Pope is a nice backup, and Cottam is a nice project. Anthony Fasano is a solid TE, who can come in and take control of the position. His hands are reliable, and he can block very well. He is an upgrade over the current TE's on the roster, and can mist likely be had for cheap.




2010 NFL Draft

Draft Day Trade: Trade DT Glenn Dorsey for a 2nd round pick.

Round 1 - DT/DE, Ndamukong Suh Age: 21, Height: 6'4, Weight: 300 lbs.

This will not be a favorite pick amongst chiefs fans. I have a feeling that Suh will be available at three, and i think Pioli will draft him, despite the Chiefs drafting Dlinemen in previous years. My reasoning for thinking that Suh will be there is because, the Rams desperately need a franchise quarterback, and the Lions need a franchise left tackle to protect Matthew Stafford. I am on the fence about drafting Suh, but i trust Pioli knows what he's doing. I think Suh can succeed in the 4-3, and 3-4. I don't have to go into great detail about Suh's 09' performance. Heres his state line...47 Tackles, 21.5 TFL, 12 sacks, 10 PD's, 1 INT, 3 Block Kicks.


Round 2 - WR, Golden Tate Age: 21, Height: 5'11, Weight: 200 lbs.

With the first pick the Chiefs address one of their three major needs (run d, wr, blocking). The second pick is used to fix the "Tale of the Dropped Passes". Golden Tate is a bonafide playmaker with excellent hands. Wether the ball be thrown over the middle, or down the sideline, over the top, Tate comes down with it. He is in the mold of a Steve Smith (Carolina), small stature but, very strong and physical. Tate can also make plays in the run game, and on special teams. Tate had an amazing season in a pro-style offense. 93 catches, 1,496 yards, 18 Total TD's.


Round 2 - OG, Jon Asamoah Age: 21, Height: 6'5, Weight: 315 lbs.

Asamoah is a sturdy guard who can do it all, and step in right away. His athleticism and strength fits the zone blocking scheme the Chiefs run. He is the choice over Lupati, simply because Lupati is a big strong bull dozing guard. Haley wants smaller more athletic guards, because the Chiefs do a lot of pulling and cut blocking. Asamoah is the epitome of the "right 53". He is consistent and versatile. The Chiefs have played musical chairs with the right guard position. Goff, Ndukwe, Alleman, and Smith have all played the position this year, at one time or another. It is the second weakest position on the offensive side. Asamoah steps in and creates stability for the next 10 years.


Round 2 - OLB/DE, Brandon Graham Age:21, Height: 6'2, Weight: 263 lbs.

Brandon Graham leads the nation in TFL (tackles for loss), with 26.5. Graham is a disruptive force who lives in the offensive backfield. He has also posted back to back 10.5 sack seasons. Now that may not sound like a lot, but you have to keep in mind that he played with no defensive line help, and was often doubled and chipped. Graham has to also be accounted for on special teams. He produced to blocked punts, and returned another for a touchdown. Graham is a hybrid player. He can put his hand in the dirt, or rush the passer out of an 2-point stance. He draws a lot of comparisions to the Steelers Lamar Woodley, not only because they both played for the Wolverines, but because of his tenacity and skill set. For one second, imagine what Hali and Graham could do. With an adequate NT pushing the pocket, Hali and Graham would meet at the QB regularly.


Round 3 - ILB, Daryl Washington Age: 21, Height: 6'3, Weight: 240 lbs.

Daryl Washington led TCU to being the #1 rated defense in the nation. Washington displays outstanding leadership qualities, and is a sure tackler. Washington can read and react with the best of them. He explodes into running lanes, and on underneath passes. Washington possesses the speed of a safety, and uses it very well from side line to side line. His pass coverage inst too shabby either. He can play the TE down the seam, or hang with a WR dragging across the middle. Blitzing is probably one of his best attributes. He is explosive through the line of scrimmage, and often beats running backs and guards who stand in his way.


Round 4 - OT, Sam Young Age: 22, Height: 6'8, Weight: 320

Young is a fundamentally sound tackle, who can add depth to the tackle position. i do not think Albert or O'Callahan's jobs are in jeopardy, but the Chiefs are thing at tackle. Young played in a pro-style offense, and is used to blocking 3-7 step drops. Young never missed a game in college, and was one of the main reasons Jimmy Clausen was allowed to succeed in 09'. Adding depth to the o-line in the later rounds is ideal for the Chiefs.


Round 5 - RB, Charles Scott Age: 21, Height: 6'1, Weight: 234 lbs

Short yardage and goal line situations have been an area of concern for the Chiefs this year. I don't think this problem falls on Charles. I think he is a tough runner who can hammer it in there, but he is only 200 lbs, and that's not heavy enough for those situations. The culprits are the members of the offensive line. The Chiefs o-linemen are more of finesse blockers, instead of drive blockers. That being said, we need a big back who can push the pile and fall forward. Charles would be the thunder to Jamaal's lighting. Scott is a very productive, powerful back. Dont let his 09' numbers fool you. He feel victim to a poor offense, sophmore QB, and a late season injury. In 08', in the SEC he recorded 1200 rushing yards, 18 TDs, with a 5.4 avg. He'll be a great compliment to Charles.



Round 5 - FB, Owen Marecic Age: 21, Height: 6'1, Weight: 244 lbs.

I sure do miss Tony Richardson, dont you? We need a powerful fullback who can open larger holes for Charles, so he can break off more large runs. Guess who this guy is? Cant figure it out? Ok, hes the lead blocker for Toby Gernhart. This is my sleeper pick of the Chiefs draft. Its not for certain that he will come out this year, but my guess is he will follow Gernhart to the NFL. This guy could be a major factor in the Chiefs running game.


Round 5 - KR/PR, Brandon Banks Age: 22, Height: 5'7, Weight: 155 lbs.

Last year we used our last pick on a special teams player and it has panned out very well. Why not do it again? Banks is of the Darren Sproels mold. He can come in and return punts, and give the Chiefs a much needed spark from time to time.



Offensive, Defensive, Special Team Units:



QB & RB'sMatt Cassel, Jamaal Charles, Charles Scott, Owen Marecic

Receivers: Dwayne BoweChris Chambers*, Golden Tate, Anthony Fasano, Brad Cottam

Offensive Line: Brandon Albert, Brian Waters, Nick Cole, Jon Asamoah, Ryan O'Callahan



Secondary: Brandon Carr, Jarred Page, O.J Atogwe, Brandon Flowers

Linebackers: Tamba Hali, Daryl Washington, Karlos Dansby, Brandon Graham

Defensive Line: Tyson Jackson, Ryan Pickett, Ndamukong Suh


Special Teams

Kicker: Ryan Succop

Punter: Dustin Colquitt

Kick Returner: Brandon Banks, Jamaal Charles

Punt Returner: Brandon Banks, Golden Tate



Conclusion: Once again i tried to keep the draft realistic, while addressing most of the teams needs. I understand the Suh pick wont fly over to well, but that is the player i think the Chiefs will pick if he is there. In this mock the Chiefs address their most concerning needs. Suh and Pickett to stop the run, Graham to help Hali rush the passer, Golden Tate to catch the ball, and Nick Cole and Jon Asamoah to sure up the offensive line. I believe this team could seriously compete for the AFC West in 2010. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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