Looks like they're turning the corner in some key areas.

Some observations. More of an extended comment. But I make enough extended comments, I'm entitled to a Post, once a month or so.

Milestone reached: Smart clock mgmt at the end of the 1st half. Trademark Kansas City pre-snap shifts. Wasn't it Stram that started that? Especially cool when it's 4- or 5-hundred pounds of player shiftin' one way, and upwards of 200 lbs shiftin' the other. How do they keep from runnin' into one another?

Chiefs still gettin' pushed around in the trenches by the stout teams, like Cincy IS. And this was Cincy without that DT with the red dreads from the islands. I think they've been a bit banged up this season, but still handled KC's big men pretty well, on both sides of the ball. Funny thing about this is that Brian Waters, with that ONE blatant false start, looked to me like a player entering his decline. Just off the knee, maybe it was just that, but that shouts "I'm intimidated!!!" when I see it.

Chambers is big, pretty fast, pretty wily, and still has the untutored ball-in-the-air technique of a rookie-with-upside. KC can get by another season and win some games if he's the weakest link, but the player I see doesn't give Cassel the benefit of the doubt when it's crunch time and your WR just has to go after the ball at its highest point. I think he's afraid of being hurt, and I think maybe he's right. With the rules the way they are, the QB is actually better off being a little short with it, and the receiver has to make as good an adjustment on it as the DB and beat the shorter man on the jump ball.

Have to look at the replay for the ball the telephoto told me maybe Bowe was short-armin' over his head. Might've been above and way behind.

Our secondary has looked fairly good the past couple of weeks. McGraw is developing some functional speed by just playing smarter and smarter. But overall, I don't think you want this secondary matching up against Dallas, New Orleans, New York (Giants), Philadelphia, San Diego, Arizona (although they get as many or more with grit, rather than speed, and KC's secondary is pretty gritty), Houston, New England, Indianapolis - Have I gotten to 10, yet?


Gilberry records another sack

Gales evokes gales of laughter - Hope I'm wrong, Matt. I'll be lookin' for #70. Likely he was on the field when Gilberry recorded the sack (or at least a logical situation).

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