Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News on Christmas Eve

The Chiefs' last home game of the 2009 season was also Fan Appreciation Day. The Chiefs Superfan Competition awarded prizes to several categories of costumed fans. In addition, the American Paint Horse Association presented a special award to Chiefs mascot Warpaint and her trainer. (via

Merry Christmas Eve Chiefs fans! It's a cold morning here in Austin and I bet it's cold where you are too.

We've got some links for you this morning here and after the jump, as well as some other posts coming up soon.


Chiefs News Chiefs Update | Chiefs Football at
But as he got into his car, Haley noticed a group of fans standing outside the fence that rings the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot where the team leaves their cars for home games. "I was blown away," Haley said of the group that stood in the darkness. "We just got beat in a very disappointing manner and there’s 30 people, women, men, children, standing by that fence in the construction (area) and it’s two hours after the game. I was blown away." Haley Is Bulletproof
Perhaps you really believe Chiefs head coach Todd Haley flipped his middle finger at a fan Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium after losing to the Cleveland Browns. Perhaps you believe the fan was making it all up. Perhaps you don’t care.

Larry Johnson: No grudge against Chiefs | | Cincinnati.Com
"It will be kind of like me practicing against my friends," said the running back, who signed with the Bengals last month after being released by the Chiefs. "A lot of those guys I haven't seen in six or seven weeks. It will be great to get out there and play for real."

Playoffs LJ's Chief concern
Larry Johnson, eminent football historian, is going big picture on this one. The man who once outfitted his car’s seat covers with throwback jerseys is ignoring the juicier footnotes of Sunday’s matchup with the Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs - Insider Blog: Birthday Boy
Since Halloween Charles has outrushed his former superior by a margin of 604 yards. That number is a bit skewed as Charles has also carried the football 88 more times than Johnson. But the output specifically with the Chiefs isn’t skewed. Charles has revamped the team’s rushing offense with 141 carries for 759 yards in basically half a season. The other half belonged to Johnson, which produced 132 carries for 377 yards with the Chiefs. This weekend the two will reunite in Cincinnati, albeit in much different roles.

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