UFAs targets. Why. Mock Draft and Depth chart with moves.

1st Pickett at NT sure up our middle he looks to deffinatly be on the market. Huge importance will see why in mock draft scenario.

2nd Peppers OLB, He wants to play OLB in a 3/4 scheme and is a UFA so Get him here. do that by paying him and making these other moves. could be just wishful thinking such as Bart Scott last year.

3rd Dansby ILB We get a playmaker in the middle. With Hali and Peppers on the edge we now have one of the best LB cores in the league. also finished off later in the draft. (Also this move makes Williams trade material along with all 3, 5th rd picks, I think we can get a 2nd rd pick for that package an early 3rd even works) Will see the importance of this trade with mock draft..

4th TE Randy McMichael Is a solid starter and a player I really like would give us a solid TE core. Billy Miller is also an option that would upgrade our team. With Cottam ? it is a must.

5th  Chester Taylor solid player and good compliment to Charles. UFA who would quickly resign with Minn but they are probably going to draft a young guy and let Taylor go. Very good fit for us.

6th Antonio Bryant, This one might not happen but Bowe, Chambers, Bryant Gives us three good WRs and eliminates the need to draft one even though I love Tate. Urban is also an option to me he is still a ?. Bryant for sure fill the hole.

7th Kreider or Griffith. I see Kreider as a real option here gives us a good blocker who can help Cox improve his game.

#s 2, and 6 are not real likely due to $ but would give us a SB contending team. Explained after the Jump with Draft and then Depth Chart according.


For the Draft

rd 1 Berry FS for us out of Tenn

rd 2 Iupati OG Idaho

rd 2 Rolle SS Florida St

rd2-3 trade for Williams and 5th rd picks. J.D Walton OC Baylor

rd 3 Kyle Wilson CB very good all around football player ala Flowers with exceptional Return skills. He plays nickle back for us as well as KR/PR

rd 4 Johnson ILB Kentucky

no more picks due to trading up for Walton at (Center) Possible to have one more pick for compinsation if someone wants DJ. 


Now this is what the depth chart would look like. ? means on the roster already but no sure pick or FA/URFA 

QB Cassel, Guttierezz Solid not spectacular

HB Charles, Taylor  a Very good 1-2 punch

FB Kreider, Cox  Solid Blocking

TE McMichael, Pope, ?   Sightly above average with playmaking and blocking skills.

WR Bowe, Chambers, Bryant, ?, ?  Those three would make the field seem huge to the D.

LT Albert, Smith  Good starter decent reserve.

LG Waters, Alleman another good season or two making this happen gives Waters the reward for sticking it out.

C Walton, Smith  I see this as the Pro-Bowl center of the draft. Strong, Mean, Athletic. Not to Tall 6'2''

RG Iupati, Ndukwe  Again Pro Bowl caliber talent. A real can't miss player if we fill holes to make it come together.

RT O'Call, ? (Levi Jones could be here if he came for cheap.) O'Call earned this opertunity plus not many other options. 

That looks like a VERY solid offense right there.


LE Jackson, Gillberry   Solid starter

NT Pickett, ?, Edwards Major upgrade

RE Dorsey, MaGee Solid

Front three looks really solid.

LOLB Peppers, ?/Vrable if he wants to come back.   All Pro calliber

LILB Johnson, Belcher ( Not DJ we let him go or possibly get compensation pick for him) This kid has the tools

RILB Dansby, Mays  We want him.

ROLB Hali, Studebaker   Solid could become dominant

That looks Dominant at LB

LCB Flowers, Daniels  Solid

RCB Carr, Washington Solid

nickle back, Wilson  Above average Playmaker.

SS Rolle, McGraw  Upgrade poss star.

FS Berry, Brown The player pretty much everyone wants to be a Chief.

That looks like a complete and dominant D Top 5 material for sure.

ST would look like this


KR Wilson, Charles

PR Wilson, ?  

That is a real possibility for our roster next year. It will be interesting to see what we can do. If our staff could pull those roster moves off we would have a contender for many years to come.

If you don't like the FA options due to it will never happen although I think it is very possible. put two cents in on the mock draft. or show me a better option without including RFAs/ realistic option.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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