How to create a Mock Draft or Stagdsp made me do it

   Well a 3 round mock is very difficult as you will soon see. Stagdsp asked for a draft in the fan Shots from a associated site. I KNEW this would be tough and people get paid for this stuff. Yet a Sudoku awaited. A very interesting puzzle for a guy just serving time on planet earth (or at work).

  I chose to do it right IMO, all fresh take. Yet to do a mock requires someone to rank the players, else I would be traveling all Fall like those that get Paid BIG Bucks. So I chose and for two points of reference and for good measure. I feel closer to the draft and the combine the guys in shorts seem to move levitated by jockstraps if you please to heights unwarranted by true College production. One guy as example Arrelious Benn.  So I worked between the different sites to come up with 3 round mock for Stag. Well in 6 hours or so I have two rounds. I checked needs according to Drafttek and ratings according to drafttek and mockingthedraft. Some players aren't listed properly and some I had to remember all on my own. Tough Work. Yet at the end of the day I realize slotting proper players to the proper teams is not exactly all that would be required to do it right. Certain players mentally fit certain teams thus Navarro Bowman got an Oakland billet. Yet that was not a prevalent theme in my selections. If Draftek had a premier need for a team I tried to fill it 1st, then needs rated 2-3 would get selected. Unlike the drafttek computer I am not the draftec computer :) My Draft to date:


Round 1
St. Louis (1-13) DE Carlos Dunlap, 6' 6" 290 lbs. Florida
Detroit (2-12) DT Ndamukong Suh, 6' 4" 302 lbs. Nebraska
Tampa Bay (2-12) DT Gerald McCoy, 6' 4 " 296 lbs. Oklahoma (JR)
Cleveland (3-11) QB Jimmy Clausen, 6' 4" 202 lbs. Notre Dame (JR)
Kansas City (3-11) FS Eric Berry, 5' 11" 195 lbs. Tennessee (JR)
Washington (4-10) QB Sam Bradford, 6' 4" 220 lbs. Oklahoma (JR)
Buffalo (5-9) QB Tony Pike, 6' 6" 211 lbs. Cincinnati
Seattle (5-9) OT Russell Okung, 6' 5" 302, Oklahoma State
Denver - from Chicago (5-9) CB Joe Haden, 5' 10" 202 lbs. Florida (JR)
Oakland (5-9) OT Sam Young, 6' 7" 313 lbs. Notre Dame
San Francisco (6-8) DT Terrence Cody, 6' 5" 365 lbs. Alabama
San Francisco - from Carolina (6-8) CB Donovan Warren  6' 0" 187 lbs. Michigan
Jacksonville (7-7) S Taylor Mays, 6’ 3” 223 lbs. USC
Pittsburgh (7-7) DT Dan Williams, 6' 3" 321 lbs. Tennessee
Houston (7-7) DB Earl Thomas, 5' 10" 195 lbs. Texas (Eligible Sophomore)
New York Jets (7-7) DE/OLB Jerry Hughes, 6' 2" 255, TCU
Atlanta (7-7) DE/OLB Brandon Graham, 6' 2" 270 lbs. Michigan
Tennessee (7-7) DE Greg Hardy, 6' 5" 255 lbs. Ole Miss
Miami (7-7) ILB Rolando McClain, 6' 4" 249, Alabama (JR)
New York Giants (8-6) LB Brandon Spikes, 6' 3" 245 lbs. Florida
Baltimore* (8-6) WR Dez Bryant, 6' 2" 210 lbs. Oklahoma State (JR)
Seattle - from Denver* (8-6) QB Jevan Snead, 6' 3" 215, Ole Miss (JR)
Green Bay* (9-5) OT Bryan Bulaga 6' 6" 304 lbs. Iowa
Arizona* (9-5) OT Charles Brown, 6' 6" 289 lbs. USC
Cincinnati* (9-5) TE Jermaine Gresham, 6’ 5” 252 lbs. Oklahoma
Dallas* (9-5) OT Bruce Campbell, 6' 7" 310 lbs. Maryland
New England* (9-5) DE Corey Wooten, 6' 7" 270 lbs. Northwestern
Philadelphia* (10-4) DE Derrick Morgan, 6' 4" 270 lbs. Georgia Tech (JR)
Minnesota* (11-3) QB Colt McCoy, 6' 3" 204 lbs. Texas
San Diego* (11-3) WR Brandon LaFell, 6' 3" 210, LSU
New Orleans* (13-1) OT Trent Williams, 6' 5" 322 lbs. Oklahoma
Indianapolis* (14-0) DT Jared Odrick, 6' 5" 309 lbs. Penn State


Chicago-Denver: Jay Cutler
Denver-Seattle: Alphonso Smith
Carolina-San Francisco: Everette Brown

Round 2
St. Louis (1-13) QB Tim Hiller, Western Michigan
Tampa Bay (2-12) DE Everson Griffen, 6' 3" 280 lbs. USC (JR)
Detroit (2-12) OT Anthony Davis  6' 6" 330 lbs. Rutgers
Kansas City (3-11) RB Jonathan Dwyer, 5' 11" 228 lbs. Georgia Tech (JR)
Cleveland (3-11) CB Patrick Robinson, 5' 11" 192 lbs. Florida State
Washington (4-10) OT Selvish Capers, 6' 5" 300 lbs. West Virginia
Seattle (5-9) RB C. J. Spiller, 5’ 11” 195 lbs. Clemson
Tampa Bay - from Chicago (5-9) LB Sean Weatherspoon, 6' 1" 230 lbs. Missouri
Oakland (5-9) OLB Navorro Bowman, 6' 1" 230 lbs. Penn State (JR)
Buffalo (5-9) OT Jason Fox, 6' 7" 312 lbs. Miami
Carolina (6-8) CB Trevard Lindley, 5' 11" 177 179 lbs. Kentucky
San Francisco (6-8) OT Ciron Black, 6’ 4” 320 lbs. LSU
Pittsburgh (7-7) LB Sergio Kindle, 6' 4" 242 lbs. Texas
Houston (7-7) RB Anthony Dixon, 6'1" 235 lbs. Mississippi State
New York Jets (7-7) CB Kyle Wilson, 5' 10" 190 lbs. Boise State
Kansas City - from Atlanta (7-7) G Mike Pouncey 6' 5" 320 lbs. Florida
New England - from Tennessee (7-7) ILB Daryl Washington, 6' 3" 230 lbs. TCU
Miami (7-7) TE Anthony McCoy, 6' 6" 265 lbs. USC
New England - from Jacksonville (7-7) OG Mike Iupati, 6' 5" 330 lbs. Idaho
New York Giants (8-6) C Maurkise Pouncey 6' 5" 318 lbs. Florida
Denver* (8-6) WR Mardy Gilyard, 6' 1" 190, Cincinnati
Baltimore* (8-6) CB Syd' Quan Thompson, 5' 9" 191 lbs. California
Arizona* (9-5) LB Sean Lee, 6' 3" 238 lbs. Penn State
Green Bay* (9-5) RB Jahvid Best, 5' 10" 193 lbs. California (JR)
Dallas* (9-5) FS Myron Lewis, 6' 2" 203 lbs. Vanderbilt
New England* (9-5) WR Golden Tate, 5' 11" 197, Notre Dame (JR)
Cincinnati* (9-5) OG Mike Johnson, 6' 6" 305 lbs. Alabama
Philadelphia* (10-4) OLB Von Miller, 6' 3" 220 lbs. Texas A&M (JR)
San Diego* (11-3) OG Jon Asamoah, 6' 5" 315 lbs. Illinois
Minnesota* (11-3) DT Arthur Jones, 6' 5" 295 lbs. Syracuse
New Orleans* (13-1)
Indianapolis* (14-0)


Suprisingly New Orleans needs no more selection of 1-3 in needs, Maybe they could gift them to the Chiefs. Please cue me in too proper ways to be a NFL GM. I here the pay is pretty good and the French benefits are too:) Stag so sorry :)


Geaux Chiefs

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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