Summary of Kansas City Chiefs Power Rankings - Christmas edition

Good afternoon AP!

Well its Christmas week, which for the 3rd year in a row, means the Chiefs are in a heated race for the playoffs first overall draft pick. Life these days isn't great for our beloved Chiefs and they are about to get worse as our terrible run defense has a date this weekend for notorious pariah Larry Freaking Johnson.

But there is good news on the horizon...SANTA IS COMING!

Hopefully Scott Pioli is not on Santa's naughty list (Because we all know Todd "I curse like a truckdriving Pirate" Haley is) and Santa will bring him lots of gifts for 2010. I was actually in Kansas City this weekend and walking through one of the local malls and saw this wonderful site:


What did Scotty ask Santa for?

  1. Hair
  2. Dominant NT
  3. RG and C
  4. Associated Press to take more pictures of him, so Arrowhead Pride will stop using that picture of him wiping his mouth
  5. Eric Berry
  6. Playmaking Linebackers
  7. Defensive coordinator
  8. Offensive coordinator
  9. A new right arm for Matt "I throw like a girl" Cassel
  10. Tim Tebow!

Well, I'd be personally ecstatic of Santa brought all those things to Scotty this Christmas Season. How would Santa carry all those things in the bag you ask? Tim Tebow could carry the whole damn thing on his broad shoulders.

Well enough tomfoolery and asshattery, on to the rankings...

CNNSI - Don Banks - 28 (Previous Week 28)

And so another desultory season for the NFL's two Missouri-based franchises is winding down. It's remarkable, but since the start of the 2007 season, the Chiefs and Rams are a combined 15-77 (.163), with Kansas City's 4-12 record in '07 representing the high-water mark so far in those six seasons. I'm guessing that 2003 -- when K.C. and St. Louis went a combined 25-7 and both finished as No. 2 seeds -- feels like an eternity ago in the Show Me State.


ESPN - Paul Kuharsky- 29 (Previous Week 28)

In a season packed with low moments, the home loss to Cleveland was probably lowest.

FOX Sports - Adrian Hasenmayer - 28 (Previous Week 27) 

This Scott Pioli/Todd Haley honeymoon is long since over, with whispers beginning already about Haley's job being on shaky turf just 14 games into his first season on the gig. Of course, when you give up 41 points to the Browns, nobody's job should be safe

CBS Sportsline - Pete Prisco - 29 (Previous Week 28)

I think I could run for 120 against their defense. They can't stop anybody. Matt Cassel at least played better.

NFL Fanhouse -  28 (Previous Week 28)

"Maybe they'll play spoiler!" he said. "They could be dangerous!" he yelled. Scratch that -- KC's on a four-game skid and they just allowed Jerome Harrison to become the man who now holds the third best all-time mark for rushing yards in a game. JEROME HARRISON

WalterFootball -  29 (Previous Week 29)

Three things regarding the Chiefs:


2. Did anyone else find it completely hilarious that a pass from the Cleveland 30-yard line was a Hail Mary for Matt Cassel? I was shocked he got it into the end zone, but I was still amused that the Chiefs had to set up a Hail Mary for him at that short of a distance. Could you imagine Ben Roethlisberger pulling this in the Super Bowl or yesterday's victory over the Packers? How embarrassing.

3. Is Jamaal Charles a first-round fantasy running back next year? I'm leaning yes, especially if the Chiefs upgrade their offensive line.

Todd Haley on Charles: "He's pushing to be one of the top guys in the league."

That's great, Todd. It still doesn't explain why you didn't recognize you should have been playing Charles over the decrepit Larry Johnson earlier in the year, when anyone who had a clue knew that you should have been doing so.

Haley - epic fail, man. Epic fail.

So for those that celebrate Christmas, have a wonderful Christmas season, and for those that don't, well have a nice day too. I love Christmas and there is nothing I enjoy more in this world than sitting around a fireplace Christmas evening after a big supper and enjoy a Spiced Rum and Egg nog with my family.

Thanks for reading.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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