Cassel talk and roster breakdown.

What I'm saying is Matt Cassel has improved almost every week. With the O-Line starting to play better just look at last weeks stats. You take the drops out and our QB completes 31 of 40 passes that is an A grade no matter how you spin it. I see alot of promise out of Cassel. Enough to stop bashing him and start supporting him atleast until we have other pieces in place enough to get a real evaluation on what his potential is. You take the 50+ drops this year out and his stats look ALOT better, maybe not elite but acceptible none the less.


So looking at the roster and everything that has went on roster wise through the coarse of the season and I see the light and its getting closer.

Roster Breakdown after the jump.

QB - Cassel improving and starting to show why Pioli brought him in.

HB - Charles The only RB we have and is ELITE just look at the stats.

FB - Cox still say average at best and could be upgraded not neccesarily a need but could be done.

WR - Bowe and Chambers I am comfortable with but see this as a must improve area I could see as many as three WR comming in during the off season. a #1-3 WR with ability to push Bowe and Chambers who I hope comes back next year and depth as Bradley, Long, Wade could all walk and not bother me one bit. Bradley is the only one of them I care at all about and he seems to be #5 WR quality at best.

TE - Cottam/Pope average and both seem to be getting better a position that could be upgraded but no longer a real must.

LT - Albert is really starting to improve and play up to his ability.

LG - Waters only ? is how long does he have left.

C - Niswanger would love an upgrade here but will see what the coaches think.

RG - ? many option already on the roster to fill this post but it is a ?

RT - O'Call has been better than average most days but could be upgraded. ? as to what we do.

DE - Dorsey - The Browns game showed us what he means to our D he is a good player. depth could be used. Again Browns game showed us that.

NT - Edwards not the option do we get one or two NT is the only ? here.

DE - Jackson then MaGee this post is filled although Magee needs to add strength.

OLB - Hali solid could use depth ?

ILB - Williams to me not the option DJ ? competition needed.

ILB - Mays same here not the man for the job. Belcher to many ? need to bring someone in.

OLB - Vrabel we have been ran over when Vrabel plays not fast enough great coach. Studebaker could be the option but still a ?. Definatly need depth at OLB and could use a starter with MAD pass rush skills across from Hali.

LCB - Flowers, He is tha man no ? here.

RCB - Carr showing why I think he is a good player.

Nickel - Daniels has been pretty slid since getting on the field still could be upgraded.

Dime - Richardson to early to judge here, but if we bring in Nickel back Daniels and Richardson fill the position with a solid player.

SS - Brown could start one more year but would love an upgrade.

FS- McGraw/Morgan/Page No question this is where we need a playmaker most as Page has NEVER been able to stay healthy and no one has claimed the spot.

KR/PR - We must get one or two players who are excellent in this area as it has hurt us this year.

K/P We have two of the best in the league with Colquit and Succop.

To me that leaves us getting a RB, 2 WR, 1 OL, a NT, 1 ILB, 1 OLB, and a Safety as neccesities. and could use another WR, OL, DE, NT, ILB, and Safety for comp and depth.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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