The Nose Tackle Problem





The Chiefs need to get better lineman on both sides of the ball. The O-line needs the most help at C and G positions. These can fixed with 2nd and 3rd round draft picks. The Chiefs need playmakers on defense. The linebackers have played horribly and need a NT to stop the run and get blocks off them.

In my opinion we take Berry in the first if available. He's just that rare of a talent. But Jake Locker staying in school looks like that won't happen. So we address our most pressing need, the nose tackle. Most of us know that one of the most difficult positions to fill in the NFL today is the NT position in the 3-4.

The Chiefs have Ron Edwards, who played well enough to not be the worst part of our defense. But our rushing yards allowed and poor ILB play make this position a priority upgrade in the off-season. What options do our beloved Chiefs have?

We'll explore our options in free agency and the draft after the break...

Free Agency:

Vince Wilfork, NE: Not going happen. The Hoodie traded away Seymour so he could keep the anchor of Patriots defense.

Aubrayo Franklin, SF: Not going to happen. He gets franchised by SF if no deal is reached.

Casey Hampton, PITT: Most likely stays in Pitt. But if he walks he's looking for the big payday. Could Pioli put up the money to bring an aging NT to a 3-13 team

Ryan Pickett, GBP: This could be our golden ticket. He's playing great football for GB and has B.J. Raji playing well behind him. Unfortunately I think the Packers want to keep platooning Pickett and Raji for a few more seasons to let Raji develop.

The moral here is that as much as I'd like to fix this position in FA, I can't see KC convincing an elite NT to come to the Chiefs. We'd have to go Dan Snyder and overpay like crazy and that doesn't seem like the Pioli way.

The Draft:

Dan Williams, Tennessee: A hard working, high motor big man he has slow feet and wouldn't contribute much to a pass rush. Which isn't what we generally ask Edwards to do so this might be a good value pick as a trade down or steal in the second round.

Terrence Cody, Alabama: Mt. Cody is a gamble. Defensive lineman are notorious for being big busts, (Ryan Sims, Junior Siavii.) He is absolutely huge, plays with a low center of gravity and is athletic for his size. But he is also a two down player, weak for his size, lazy and academically challenged. Could Haley be the disciplinarian that Saban was for him in Alabama? Maybe. Maybe not. If he gets leaner and stronger he could be and absolute monster. If not, he's be just another D-lineman bust for KC.

Would Cody or Williams be a reach as the fifth pick of the draft? Probably. But Pioli has taken need over talent before, (Tyson Jackson.) If Eric Berry is off the board by time we pick and we can't trade down, I think we maybe draft another SEC defensive lineman and look for an ILB and O-linemen in the second round.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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