Come on Man...(Browns Edition)


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I wish they would bring back NFL Primetime on ESPN, but I guess that what is currently in it's place, the "Come on Man" shtick has kind of become one of my favorites.  When the Chiefs don't make it on the segment, it makes you feel a little better about the team.  When they do make it, it's usually pretty funny.  So, without further adieu, here's my attempt to pay homage.

So, here are your "Come on Man" plays from Chiefs/Browns:

Come On Man

#1 That punt play



Watch the play here.

This play was wrong for the Browns on so many levels.  First, the upman was still looking at the defense to see who might be coming, when all of the sudden the ball is snapped, hitting him in the leg, and bouncing into the end zone.  Then the Cleveland Punter, Hodges, not only misses the snap, but fails to jump on it.  Had he jumped on it, the Chiefs would have got a safety, instead, the remaining Browns allowed fan favorite, Andy Studebaker to out-hustle them to the ball for the touchdown.  Hodges limped off at the end of the play.  They allowed their punter to take that kind of punishment, really??? This one is on the Browns, but really, Come on Man!

Also worthy of a "come on man" on the play, the announcers yell "and Richardson has it for a Kansas City touchdown"  Well, the only problem with that is that Richardson dived, and did NOT secure the ball - COME ON MAN!  You've got to get it.  Fortunately, Studebaker was all hustle on the play.  Also worthy of a "come on man" is the officials.  While Andy Studebaker gets up, holds the ball in the air to the crowd, running about 15 yards in the end zone, showing it off, the officials are still looking for the ball in the pile - COME ON MAN!

#2 Two to the House

This is going to be two plays because two kickoff returns for Touchdowns??? Come on Man!





Joshua Cribbs is a stud, no doubt there.  Passing the likes of the X factor, and the Kansas Comet for Touchdowns on kickoff returns is something special, but he was aided by poor tackling.  I could hear Chris Berman yell "whoop" on each of these missed tackles.  On the first kickoff return, Javon Belcher goes airborne, instead of maintaining position, "whoop", Succop then, well, he's a kicker, he's not going to track down Cribbs.  Then on the second waive, CB Mike Richardson totally whiffs (Boomer) - "whoop" and Cribbs is gone to the house because of poor technique on the kickoff team - COME ON MAN!



Well, that should have taught us a lesson, don't kick it to Cribbs, but this time, nobody whiffs on any tackles, Cribbs finds a whole so big a Mac truck could drive through and turns on his speed, taking it to the house again. - COME ON MAN!

#3 Dwayne Bowe



It was great to have Bowe back.  Having Bowe means teams can not focus on Chambers or Charles, and they had big games to show for it.  So, overall, having Bowe back was a huge positive for the team.  However, Bowe was targeted a team high 10 times, and only caught four for 56 yards.  One of the drops was a sure Touchdown.  Bowe, we love you, but we know you are better than this.  COME ON MAN!

#4 Dropped passes

Do you know what the first record Jerry Rice broke was?  If you said dropping 15 passes in his first season, you'd be correct.  So, there is hope for this problem. 



The Chiefs lead the league in dropped passes, and with Todd Haley being a former Wide Receivers coach, I'm at a total loss for why that is.  They shouldn't need elephant glue like Clifford Franklin from the Replacements, they should catch everything they get their hands on.  Well, this week, was a huge step in the right direction, kudos - Brad Cottam, Chris Chambers, Pope, Charles and Cox for putting up big numbers in the passing game, but there's still too many drops - Bowe, Bradley, Copper and O'Connell - COME ON MAN!

#5 The middle of the Chiefs Defense

Little known Jerome Harrison had 34 carries for 286 yards and 3 touchdowns. 


After the game, Harrison stated that the Chiefs were a good team pursuing to the outside, so, they went after the weakness, taking it straight up the gut.  On the 71 yard touchdown play, the Chiefs had nine men in the box.  Yes, that's right, nine men in the box.  That's almost like lining your defense up in punt block formation on Tecmo Bowl for a normal third down play.  Harrison actually jumped over defenders on the ground.  And where was the safety help?  I don't know but if you expect to be up against smash mouth football, you line up for it, you are in position to stop it, and you just get it shoved down your throat, you are either over-matched or just don't have the intensity needed.  So, for allowing Harrison to break Jim Brown's single game rushing record, the Chiefs defense as a whole gets a big - COME ON MAN!

Others considered for a Come on Man:

Brady Quinn - 10/17 66 yards, 2 Interceptions.  If I was a Browns fan, he would be getting a BIG "COME ON MAN!"

The Officials - I'm usually one to say "let em play" but the blatant delay of the game at the end not being called was ridiculous.  You can't allow a defense to strip the ball after the play is over in the final two minutes of the game.  They never would have allowed that against the Patriots, Colts, or one of the other "good" teams.  This was obviously not one of the better officiating crews out there.

Tim Castille - When you fumble the ball, you have to be considered for a Come On Man, but that replay showed you were already down.  So, again one more reason the Officials should get a Big "Come on Man!"

OK this post shouldn't be all bad - so GAME BALLS go to -


#1 Matt Cassel

Matt, congratulations on your first 300 yard passing game as a Chief.  It was great to see.  Hopefully there's two more of those coming up to finish the season.



#2 Chris Chambers

An awesome sideline catch was followed up by an awesome Touchdown catch.  5 rec 114 yards 1 TD is a great day for a WR.



#3 Jamaal Charles

JC had his best day as a Chiefs with 25 carries for 154 yards and another rushing TD, this one of 47 yards.  Add 2 receptions for 16 yards, and that's a great day!



Others worth mentioning:.

Andy Studebaker - Nice hustle!



The fans that made it to the game: 



 Carr and Flowers - 2 INTS - Awesome!



Colquitt - 3 punts inside the 20

Succup - 2/2 FGs, 4/4 Extra points - Good Job!!!!!!

Cleveland Game Balls

#1 Jerome Harrison -

Who?  Well we know who you are now!  Jerome Harrison you are redonculous!  After breaking Jim Brown's record for rushing yardage in a game, color me impressed.  286 yards and three TD's.  Too bad my fantasy team is done.  I'd be picking you up off the waiver wire!



#2 Joshua Cribbs

Passing Dante Hall on the kickoff for TD in a season list is no small feet.  Taking two to the house in the same game is incredible!



#3 Matt Roth LB

Is this guy a free agent anytime soon?  A QB sack and a fumble recovery, were some of the highlights for an otherwise bad day for Cleveland's defense.



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