I just don't get it, do you?

I no longer have that venomous frustration after the Chiefs lose. I have accepted what we are. Quite honestly though, there is truth in all perspectives shared on AP. I personally have tried ranting, raving, yelling, being combative being warned and retalitating on AP. I have tried to be cordial, open minded and I have tried the kool-aid. The result is that I am now skizophrenic and more confused than ever. Here are my most recent observations.

The one thing I want to clarify is the difference between justification and responsiblity. I believe and on some level so do you that being guilty or responsible for an action does not automatically nullify justification.  For example, a person may do something as drastic as take the life of another person. It happens all the time. But depending upon the circumstances, society may or may not see that action as justifiable. If you are defending yourself from an intruder and you use deadly force, no one will hold you accountable. So your actions, while atrocious, are justifiable.

With that in mind, the first thing I would like to address is our coaching. In particular Todd Haley. Todd Haley is the HC and therefore is responsible for this teams actions on the field every Sunday. So I am going to discuss Haley's responsiblity and guilt for our win/loss record this year.

The fact is, Haley is making horrible decisions that are costing this team desperately needed wins. Today only highlighted his ineptness at play calling for a team like ours. Today, Jamaal Charles was on fire. Running like a demon. He was unstoppable, like always. So then, why would any HC stop handing the ball to Charles inside the red zone like Haley did today? Why?

Every single time Charles touched the ball he was gobbling up 5 to 6 yards.  So why would you get inside Cleveland's 15 yard line and suddenly start passing the ball? Especially when your receivers are dropping the ball like it's 400 degrees celcius. It made no sense. We needed to run the clock out and tie the game so we could have a chance at an overtime victory in Arrowhead. And Charles is killing it. He's on fire. And what do we do? We pass the ball. We pass the damn ball. Why?? Why would you stop giving your best play maker the ball?

Why would you go to your weakest link when you need the win, unless you are trying to lose? That's been a conundrum for several weeks now. For the past several weeks, Haley has let Charles run us into the red zone and then inexplicably stopped giving the ball to him. Haley just stops giving Charles the ball and decides to try and pass the ball. I just don't get it.

Here's another one. Why would you not take two quick shots to the end zone at the end of todays game? Why would you HAIL MARY from the 24? Throwing a hail mary is something you do from maybe 40 to 50 yards away minimum. We could have run two plays. But no. We killed the clock and then lobbed it straight up in an obvious desperation attempt at the end of the game. Is Haley playing for the draft pick now? Because that play was designed to kill the clock and run the time out. I just dont' get it.

Here's another one. Why in the name of all that is sacred would you continue to kick the ball to Cribbs? Why would you kick to him to begin with right? But why would you dare to kick him the ball after he has burnt you once and is leading the all time league leader in kick returns for TD's? Then after he burnt us twice for touchdowns, why would we keep kicking him the ball? REALLY?? I do not get it. It almost seems intentional.

I hate to say that because I'm not mad we lost. WE need the draft pick at this point But it makes me think they are purposely playing to lose at this point. Which makes me sick. I'm a fan. They are coaches and they are paid to win, not lose. Especially after our first blackout sine 1990. But how else do you justify some of that stuff? Whether you drink the kool-aid, or sell the kool-aid, you have to be wondering the same thing after today's loss. I swear it looked like Haley was mad we were winning and decided to call plays to make sure we didn't.

Hey, if there's another explanation for all that please tell me. But do not waste my time telling me it's because he's a rookie HC. Because I'm not even a rookie HC and I can tell you those decisions were stupid. So did the announcer's btw. I'm sorry, I want to believe that Haley is the guy. But making basic decisions, like not kicking the ball back to a guy who has burnt you for 14 points already, is just stupid.  When you watched today's game, you had to see the same thing's I did. It was like we were trying to lose on purpose. Why? I don't know. But are his decisions while atrocious, justifiable? And more importantly, does it matter? I don't know and I just don't get it. Do you?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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